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Changing Rear Offside Door Lock Mechanism

Changing Rear Offside Door Lock Mechanism

For no reason, the lock wouldn't unlock with the central lock switch and remote key fob. Other functions still work, i.e.. still can unlock from handle inside and then door opens with handles inside and outside. Door lock mechanism is non-serviceable and is bloody expensive. Here's how to change out.

To remove the lock mechanism.

1) Remove 1 screw and take out the door handle escutcheon.

Remove door handle escutcheon.jpg

2) Unplug the multi-plug.

3) Remove 2 screws holding hand rail to door.

4) Carefully pry open the door trim. It is held by plastic plugs to the door.

Door trim removed.jpg

5) Unplug the multi-plug to the speakers.

6) Remove inner waist seal.

Remove inner waist seal.jpg

7) Remove outer waist seal on both ends and remove the clips.

Remove clips securing outer waist seal.jpg

8) Remove outer waist seal.

9) Peel open the bottom half of the plastic cover for access to screws.

10mm screw holding centre stem of door frame.jpg

10) Wind down the window glass a little so that the 2 screws holding the glass to regulator can be seen through the door openings. Remove the 2 screws. These are 8mm screws. The 2 nuts at the back of the screws are welded. Do not try to remove the nuts.

11) Remove 6 screws holding the door frame. 2 pcs T40 on the inside edge, 3 T40 on the outside edge, and 1 pc 10mm through an opening on the door. Lift the door frame with the window glass out of the door.

Three pcs T40 screws holding door frame on outer door edge.jpg Two pcs T40 screws holding door frame on inner door edge.jpg

12) Unhook the exterior door handle control rod and sill button control rod through the openings on the door.

Sill button lock rod & exterior handle control rod.jpg Remove exterior handle control rod.jpg

13) Unplug the multi-plug to the door lock mechanism.

14) Remove 3 T25 screws to release the lock mechanism.

Remove 3 pcs T25 screws holding lock mechanism.jpg

15) Remove the lock mechanism through the door opening and open the cover to expose the release cable. Disconnect the release cable.

Disconnect release cable.jpg Door lock mechanism removed.jpg

To install the new lock mechanism, reverse the procedure with the new lock.
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