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Diff Pinion Oil Seal

Repair Guide Diff Pinion Oil Seal

Replacing the diff pinion oil seal on a rover axle is fairly straight forward, however removing the old oil seal turned into a bit of a mission for me, which is where having a SII diff became an advantage.

First step is to remove the front prop,if you have free wheeling hubs you can disengage them to allow you to turn the prop, else you can jack up a front wheel high enough to rotate freely and secure on axle stands.

One by one remove the prop bolts, this can be difficult as there is not much room between the prop shaft yokes, however I have a wide angle prop which makes things a lot easier. You only need to disconnect the diff side and can then use cable ties or twine to secure the prop out of the way.

Using 14mm socket and spanner to undo prop

The next challenge is to remove the Split pin and undo the castle nut that holds the diff flange in place. The Castle nut will be very tight, to undo you will need to lower the front wheel back on the ground or lock the FWH's. It may also be necessary to chock the wheels. If you still struggle to get the nut loose you can use a long breaker bar (scaffolding pole) on the socket, prop it against the chassis/floor and gently push the vehicle forward and it will come undone as if by magic. Thanks to Big Sandy for that one!

Castle nut and split pin to be removed

Diff Flange ready to pull off

Once you have removed the diff flange the oil seal should be visible. Mine had sat for many years and needed a lot of persuasion to be removed, after 20 minutes I relented and removed the diff nose. I was then able to punch the old seal out from behind preventing any damage to the sealing surfaces.

Here the oil seal is visible

Removed Nose

A bit worse for wear and certainly no longer usable

Once you have the old seal out its worth running some emery over the inside of the seal area to provide a smooth surface, I also cleaned up the diff flange in the same way as any uneven surface here will damage the new seal very quickly.

In need of a clean up

Once cleaned up you can pop the new seal in place using a smear of EP90 to ensure a smooth fit and good seal. Then refit the nose to the diff and Slide the diff flange back onto the diff, again using a smear of EP90 where the seal runs. Tighten up the castle nut and refit the split pin.


You can now jack the wheel back up or unlock the FWH's and refit the prop, it is advised that you use new bolts if you have damaged the old ones upon removal, and a little grease on the threads goes a long way.
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