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Discovery 2 Fuel Pump Replacement

Repair Guide Discovery 2 Fuel Pump Replacement

This is for a V8 (Petrol) Disco 2, but most applies for the TD5 as well, the main differences are the fuel pipe connections and post-replacement bleeding, which is needed for the TD5 but not for the V8.

The pump is located in the fuel tank under the floor at the rear of the vehicle. To access the pump you need to move the carpet first:

The finishing trim strip between the carpet and the bumper has a removable filler strip which pull up and out, revealing the Pozidriv screws that hold the main strip in place. Remove the screws and the finishing strip.

Remove the R/H rear row seat if fitted.

Remove R/H side lower trim, note that there is a fixing clip inside the small vent cover which has to be removed.

Disconnect ICE controls if fitted.

See attached pictures for these trim operations.

Disco2FuelPumpRemove1.jpg Disco2FuelPumpRemove2.jpg

That should allow the carpet to be pulled back to expose the fuel pump cover plate. The R/H passenger seat belt anchor bolt might need to be removed to allow more movement.

Remove the six screws holding the cover plate and gently lever up the cover plate. There is a seal below that might be damaged on removal, replacement part numbers are listed at the end of the article.


Disconnect the multi-plug from the pump top, and disconnect the fuel pipe from the pump outlet.

FuelPump2.jpg FuelPump1.jpg

Using a tool or other means, rotate the top black locking ring anticlockwise to release the top and free the pump.

When refitting, always fit a new seal.

Refitting is the reverse of removal, always ensure the seal is correctly seated and the pump also sits in place properly before refitting the top retaining/locking ring.

Reconnect the fuel pipe and the multi-plug to the pump.

Test the pump by running the engine and check for leaks.

Refit the cover, using a new seal if required.

Refit the carpet and trim.

TD5 owners will normally be able to restart the engine with no problems, and the small amount of air in the new pump will be purged quickly, but it is probably favourite to let the engine tock over for 5 minutes or so before driving away.

Pump Cover Plate MXC1420
Pump Cover Plate Seal MXC1421
Pump Cover Plate Screws DA608045L
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