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Electronic Voltage Regulator

Electronic Voltage Regulator

Anyone with a series will know that the gauges can be a little unreliable, this is often down to a faulty voltage stabaliser. After a discussion with some of the members here it was decided there must be a better solution, maybe replacing the stabaliser altogether.

With a bit of trial and error I have managed to make my gauges reliable and accurate, maybe you will benefit also.

My first effort was using a L78S09 rated at 2A with a 9v output wired like this :-

Voltage in - Blue
Earth - Black
Voltage out - Red (water) and Yellow (Fuel)

First Effort

It worked OK, but under read on my gauges, meaning with a full tank the gauge read 3/4 full and when the engine boiled over it was reading 'N' on the water temp, not good.

So back to the drawing board and another trip to Maplins. 84p later and I had a TS7810 Voltage Regulator rated at 1A with a 10v output. I wired this one up slightly differently as I already had a common live for my gauges.. You may wish to check how your Landy is wired up and use the most suitable method for your vehicle.

This is currently fitted to my landy and working well..

Voltage in - Red
Earth - Black
Voltage out - Yellow

Current set up

The ignition live is taken direct from the fuse box, the earth is a ring terminal onto one of the gauge mounts and the gauges are piggy backed from the yellow wire.

The wires are simply soldered in place and taped over, I have used a blob of silicone to attach it to the back of the speedometer to stop it rattling around. Its a bit rough as I'm still testing, but for 84p, some solder and scrap wire its a bargin :)

Any comments recommendations welcome, this is very much a work in progress :)
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