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Fitting A Rear Mounted Work Lamp

Fitting A Rear Mounted Work Lamp

I've had a rear work-lamp for nearly 5 years and have never got round to fitting it which is something I’ve always regretted not doing when I've been camping.

The lamp is attached to a right angled bracket by a ball joint for easy manoeuvrability of the lamp and the bracket is attached to the bodywork by two bolts.



Which side of the vehicle to fit the lamp was not an option for me as my CB aerial mount is on the off side of the vehicle.



However, another potential problem I had was the slim line speakers (32mm deep) that are mounted inside the vehicle.


Luckily, after measuring up there was sufficient room although I was prevented from mounting the lamp in the centre of the panel (top nearside above the rear door) by the speaker on the inside.


The two bracket mounting holes were then marked up on the body and a pilot hole drilled in each before the correct size hole was drilled that would accommodate the bracket bolts.



In order to spread the weight of the lamp and prevent the bolts pulling through the thin aluminium of the body, I cut out a spread plate of 3mm steel to put on the inside of the body.


I knew the bracket bolts were going to be too long so I assembled the bracket and spread plate with the bolts, washers and nuts (hand tight) to see where I would have to cut the bolts.

I considered a rubber grommet for the wiring but as it would be out of sight and the grommet would have to accommodate the thickness of the body aluminium and the steel plate, I decided to use silicon sealant.

Between the lamp bracket and the body I cut out some thin plastic (1mm) to prevent any vibration causing the bracket and body rubbing.

The wire was then fed through, sealant applied and the lamp attached to the vehicle with the cut down bolts.



The interior trim housing the speakers was then replaced and fitted perfectly.


The wiring was run down through the trim and into removable corner box.


I wanted the lamp to come on with the reverse lamp as well as for working behind the vehicle when camping so feeds were taken direct from the reverse lamp and another feed from the auxiliary battery via a switch that I fixed to the top of the removable corner box in the rear of the vehicle.

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