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Today I went along to a pay and play site in Radyr Cardiff organised by Monkey Motor Sport. I had never been to this site before but have heard good things, so decided to go along with a few mates and take a nose about.

The site was easy enough to find and had a friendly atmosphere and seemed well organised. After a brief chat and some paperwork off we went into the woodland area, being told to go anywhere we liked and make tracks if we so wished. There were plenty of tracks to follow but it was great to be able to do as you pleased.

A pictures worth a thousand words so here we go..

Most of the tracks are quite wet and muddy, but most landies with mud tyres will get through ok

Strop First.jpg
If your not running aggressive mud tyres it may be worth stropping our truck before you go into any deep water of into some of the more rutted tracks


Tug Job.jpg
Thankfully there is usually someone around to give you a pull and show you the error of your ways..

Cross axle.jpg
Or just show you how to do it properly :D

None of our trucks had a winch and I wouldn't say it was needed, although we did have one of the trucks winched out twice as it was easier and someone was nearby with some well prepped trucks. The majority of the site is woodland so there are plenty of places to winch off.

However sometimes even with aggressive muds, the clay surface does become a little slippery, and on a side slope I did manage to slide into a tree and modify my door and battery box in a way I hadn't intended.

Tree damage.jpg
Debs was pleased I kept hitting the tree with her door


Hard going.jpg
The going was tough in places but we all managed to get through it....

Stuck again.jpg
Well except Ash.

Well to be honest thats a little harsh, after a few hours Ash managed to get into the stride of things and did some pretty impressive driving considering he had some fairly mild tyres on his truck.



We did stop for some lunch about mid day and let the trucks take a break, lots of water and a V8 does take its tole a little through the course of the day

Mmm Steamy Windows

We ran around from about 9:30 am to 3:30pm and didn't get bored once. The site is well organised and marked up, you won't go somewhere your not supposed to by mistake. There were around 15 vehicles but the site did not seem that crowded, it was large enough to move out of the way or simply choose another route to go.

I would expect to pick up some minor damage to your vehicle at this site, but nothing more than some extra character, everyone seemed sensible and happy to help you out.

All in all a big thumbs up from me and my mates who will be going to the next event they hold.
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