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Treasure Hunt - Shropshire July 2008

Treasure Hunt - Shropshire July 2008


Well I travelled up to the campsite on Friday afternoon along with Agerty and my mates Ash + Amy in their 90. We arrived around 18:30 and there were quite a few people already pitched up settling in, however team Kipling did it best by having a little tea party under their awning..

After a quick can it was off to the pub to pay for the pitch and grab a bite to eat, along with a few more pints. Beer was well priced, the food was very good but expensive, which was a shame. In the Pub we met Geri the Site owner who took our pitch money and had thoughtfully set up a small marquee for shelter from the rain and somewhere for Rob to put the maps up in the morning.

The majority of people ate in the pub on the Friday and then retired to the marquee for a few more beers and swapped stories of all sorts of things, including the origin of Swingletrees user name, I am enlightened.

It was a reasonably early night for most getting ready for the day ahead.

Saturday - The Hunt

Saturday morning we all emerged from our tents to a grey but calm day, some made breakfast, some just made do with coffee

Breakfast (RedDwarf).jpg
Schreiber and his makeshift kitchen

With new found energy (bacon and caffeine rock) everyone rushed, slowly, to the marquee and copied down the clue numbers, thanks again Bob for the loan of the marker. After a quick chat with Rob, I marked down franticly all the red lanes with big marks and told my navigator, (I mean girlfriend..) to head for them.. Our first red Lane took our first casualty...

rich (deb).jpg
Rich_P with a dead truck on a side slope

The weather brightened up quickly and we had a great mornings laning, hunting for clues and bumping into scruffy truck roaming the lanes on his Todd.. He got stuck, and got himself out.. Proper Job!

A quick Pub lunch and back to the hunt, the weather closed in and Agerty's disco decided to stop with water in the fuel filter right in a storm shower, oh joy. Few minutes with a spanner and we were off, to get lost in the forestry. But getting lost is half the fun and took us down some interesting slopes, but we got out in the end.

The lanes around Shropshire are nice and muddy and have some great views of the countryside.

Bob Captured the scenery well

Rob (rebal).jpg
Rob Getting Muddy

Coming to the end time we drove the roads back to the site as I was, as usual, nursing a sick truck back. Only to have it cut out on the cattle grid of the camp site, I drove in on the starter as I WAS NOT GETTING TOWED :D

The other teams were close behind and the marking was done.. The results in brief were

First - Team Kipling, with Cannonball Bob also winning bling award
Second - Team tridents, so named as they got three new dents :D
Third - Team Turnaround, picking up best team name and Me winning best Series :D
Fourth - Joint best coiler, Scruffytruck + Swingletree

kippling (mrsdave).JPG
Team Kippling

Team Trident

Third (satancom).jpg
Best Series.. uh yeah :D

Other awards

Best Endeavour - Rich_p got stuck on the first lane due to fuel starvation and had to retire back to the site early with problems
Bling - Canonball Bob, I think it was the wheels that did it
Best Non Landrover - RebelArmy in the freeby :D
Filthiest (Mind) 4x4xfar - Adafish
Best Cake - Mrs Dave, tasty too apparently

Once the awards were dealt out everyone tidied themselves up and most went off to the pub, however some of the dafter members rigged up a makeshift camp with three Landies, a tarp, some fire, some lanterns and vast amounts of beer. So sorry no stories from the pub as I was dodging drips from my old tarp whilst watching Rob magic some wooden blocks with his impressive tool :D Cheers again for that.

fir (satancom).jpg
Mmm Fire and Tilley lamps

Saturday - The Aftermath

Well not much to say really, but there was one casualty

Taxi (Widget).JPG
Sorry, I had to Rich!

Another great hunt, well organised and everything went smoothly, I'll say cheers and a big Tanks From everyone else..

tank (rebal).jpg
Yes I meant Tanks...

Photo credits to, Rebelarmy, Cannonball Bob, Vinnie@Mac, Debs, Mrs Dave, Red Dwarf, Widget
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