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Vinyl Handbrake Gaiter

Repair Guide Vinyl Handbrake Gaiter

Fed up with replacing the handbrake gaiter? then try making one out of a scrap of leather or vinyl.

First cut a strip about 22cm wide by 37cm long.


fold up, then cut in half.


Mark a rectangle at the bottom 17cm x 2cm, and measure 6cm at the top - both centred.

Fold over the top of each piece about 1cm, and sew along the middle to keep it there as a finished edge. You only need to sew between the lines but go over a bit. Sew each piece individually - not together yet.


Trim the outsides off leaving 1cm


I trimmed the base as the shape above which sort of worked - but left too much material. It would be better to go to the bottom rectangle - then down at 45 degree instead of out at 90 degrees.

Place the two pieces face to face (inside out) then Sew down the lines then out at 45 degrees.

Turn inside out and try it in the support cover.


Trim the old rubber gaiter so just the ring survives.

Once you are happy with the fit, glue the outer edge and the inner part of the alloy cover with impact adhesive.


Stick it in and trim off excess fabric. Apply more glue to the old rubber gaiter and the fabric, then stick that on when tacky.

Use the screws to line up with the holes and pierce the fabric in the right places.


And here it is fitted - pushing the fabric back into the seatbox about 1/2 it's length.


Or leave it long it's up to you.
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