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  1. K


    Where is the FUEL PUMP RELAY LOCATED ON A 1.8 PETROL FREELANDER? If someone could please advise that would be great, thanks! :)
  2. G

    inlet manifold 1.8 petrol

    Hi all, just thought i'd let you know about my tale of grief in the hopes that someone might shine a light on whats happening. Mine is a 03 reg 1.8 engine. 47K and already had the hg done at 31K and an inlet manifold gasket done about a year ago, also recently a new fuel pump. Engine showing...
  3. J

    Newbie with question about gearstick

    Hi, I've just joined the LandRover club, buying a '00 Freelander petrol 1.8. Had it six months, it's done 70,000 so just replaced the whole cam belt system, water pump included. Love it. However, small problem, the gear stick's 'shaft' has come away from the 'knob' (careful!) And it flaps...
  4. K

    Odd question...

    Hi, as the title suggests this is an odd request, but does anyone know what the height of a '99 3dr Hardback 1.8i freelander with the optional roof bars would be? I booked a trip to France and my car is booked in the 183cm and under section and I wondered if the Freelander will be too high for...
  5. R

    1.8 K Series Diagnostics required

    Freelander 1.8 K Series Petrol (MEMS 1.9) Ran fine untill the weekend, now seems to be over fueling (flooding). I tried to restart many times but nothing, sparks OK, removed & cleaned dizzy cap & rotor arm. Plugs always wet when removed So tried removing electrical plug to injectors. when...
  6. Llanigraham

    General Parts list for new K Series head gasket kit

    Nicked from one of the mags, but thought it might be useful here. Cost are LR prices. Head gasket LVB500190 £24.33 Strengthend oil rail LCN000140L £30.67 Bolts WAM2293 £6.52 each Remote thermostat kit PCH001190 £50.18 Old thermo blanking plate PEL000040 £6.77 Seal PEF10010 £1.28
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