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  1. D

    How Do I? Discovery 200TDi Rocker Cover Issues

    This question may have been asked and replied for a thousand times but at the moment it's very very difficult for me to go through any searches :( Sorry for the inconvenience to the forums users. I've been here in the past and have also been very active...it all started with one question and...
  2. C

    1990 200 TDI numerous symptoms, finding out on Sunday but what do YOU think?

    Hello all, I have got a thread currently running about this particular Landy called 'Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!' but i dont think it is appropriate anymore (as it may not be the hg) so i have started this thread, i hope this is ok with everyone! I would love to hear...
  3. C

    Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!

    Hi Im afraid im not clued-up on Landies but my Dad informs me his is a Defender 200 Tdi (which has done 170,000miles), so i hope that makes sense! Anyway, it has been gradually starting poorer and poorer and apparently loses power when he attempts to drive up a slight slope. At first i thought...
  4. B

    where to start?

    hi guys thinking of buying a defender 90 station wagon but don't really know where to start i have a budget of about £4000, i have been looking at the 200 tdi but don't really know what to look for (bad and good points)telltale signs that something is wrong or common problems. any info would be...
  5. LEW153

    Europe Upgrade for your modified Series/early 90-110 - To Clear

    I have the following items which I can sell for a good price is sold as one whole lot. These are ideal for someone re-building his Series or early 90/110. Lot consists of: 1993 Discovery Tdi 200 engine complete with PS pump and intercooler LT77 gearbox with a 1.4 transfer case Disco 300 axles...
  6. sharpy1980

    Disco central locking, starter, e-window fault

    Hi I've got a fault with a 93 Discovery 200 Tdi, the starter wont operate but at the same time the cental locking and elec windows stopped working, the cars starts fine when bridging the solonoid and I've checked the fuses and relays which seem ok and click when turning the key, I've checked all...
  7. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  8. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  9. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Stevie's Landy
  10. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
  11. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

    Pic's of Stevie's 90
  12. Def 90 200Tdi

    Def 90 200Tdi

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