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  1. rid81

    200tdi Alternator Upgrade Wiring Help

    Morning folks, Pretty sure my alternator has died. Battery light on continuously, only 12v at the battery and 12v from the battery +ve terminal on the back of the alternator even with the engine running. Belt is pretty new (and tensioned correctly) after having to change the water pump a few...
  2. Charlie Roberts

    200 TDI disco comversion with defender clutch servo?

    Hi, i have an 88” series 3 with a disco 200tdi. Id like a lighter clutch… I seen this defender 200tdi clutch servo kit on ebay, id like a second opinion. Do you think this would work with a discovery 200tdi engine? I understand that it might be hard to mount it in the engine bay, im sure it...
  3. J

    Weird Brake issue.

    Hi. I’ve just got a 90 with a 200tdi engine. I have a weird issue with the brakes.I got up this morning, started up the 90 and drove 1 mile to the petrol station and then on to sunbury from Basingstoke along the M3(38 miles). About 3/4 of the way there the brake pedal travel was drastically...
  4. N

    1998 Disco 1 commercial - first project

    Hi All, new to the forum - be kind I have a limited opportunity to purchase a 1998 Disco 1 commercial and looking for some advise.. Its a high mileage engine but what should I be on the look out for other than rust and the rear chassis? What kind of price range would you expect to pay if in...
  5. L

    Diesel Engines 200tdi running on used engine oil

    I’m new to the forum and had a read about before posting this thread to try find the answer but couldn’t find it. Everything seems to be about veg oil 😂 I have a 200tdi defender with a D1 engine swap. Which isn’t too bad on fuel but have now got an unlimited supply of used engine oil (pretty...
  6. T

    Shagged 200tdi

    I've got a 110 with a 200tdi in it, it's blowing a lot of smoke and when I took the head off the bores are very worn. I've been looking for a replacement 200 but there aren't many about. However I have been offered a 300tdi for a reasonable price. I need some guidance on what I should do...
  7. C

    200tdi camshaft refitting

    Evening all! Not posted before, but need some help! I’m in the middle of putting my 200tdi engine back together after a cam roller and follower decided to eat itself (and the camshaft!) I have removed the knackered camshaft and replaced it with a good, unpitted/unscored camshaft from a second...
  8. R

    General Expansion Tank kick back

    Hi all, Not ideally the first post was wanting to make but, we are here now! Wondering if some of your expertise and experience could help me in a matter and give me some advice on some possible solutions. Getting mixed feedback from local sources and the possibilities it could be. I'm looking...
  9. R

    Flexi pipe exhaust on 200tdi

    I saw a bloke at billing this weekend with a fully tricked up tray back 90, not road legal. His motor sounded great, his was a 300tdi. The exhaust he head was the exhaust down pipe from the manifold and then it went straight into flexi pipe and out of the side of the body. No back boxes...
  10. R

    How to remove 200tdi viscous fan?

    I'm wanting to remove my viscous fan. I've got no idea how to do it, can any one give me some advice or instructions to do this ? thanks !
  11. R

    Gurgling 200tdi

    So I drove my 200tdi defender earlier for the first time in 5 weeks after replacing front cv + half shaft! also refitted the front propshaft. It felt like it drove as normal but the engine seems to be gurgling a lot. Any one got any ideas what this might be or if I should be worried ? Thanks.
  12. pantg

    Expired 200Tdi crankshaft pulley (the belt one, not the heavy balancer) wanted

    Fellow forum members, I am looking for a 200Tdi secondhand and in VGC crankshaft pulley, the one where the belt is fitted, not the heavy harmonic balancer one. Part number is ERR2351 for the pulley for vehicles without A/C and ERR2352 for vehicles fitted with A/C. Anyone of the two will be...
  13. I

    Expired 1986 ex-MOD 100 w/ 200TDi conversion

    Ex-MOD 1986 Land Rover 110 "Hoofin" is for sale. Pics here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lh634lstv57r77d/x09do8WktS The Land Rover was built by its previous owner to complete in the 2012 Help for Heroes European Rally. It comes with a heavy duty roof rack, and a roof tent fitted and ready to...
  14. L

    Replacement Gearbox

    I've just been told the gear box in my s3 is done for - apparently not worth even trying to repair it. Not sure what my options are or how much it's going to cost me - I'm no mechanic (and don't have the time even if I were), so I'm reliant on my local garage (who are trustworthy and generally...
  15. G

    Seeking complete soft top kit for 3 door 110 style 1994 200Tdi Defender

    Hi there. Can someone point me in the right direction to get a soft top for a 200tdi defender. Good second hand is ok. So is camo or sand colour. I will require all the bits and pieces I believe. Cheers
  16. D

    How Do I? Discovery 200TDi Rocker Cover Issues

    This question may have been asked and replied for a thousand times but at the moment it's very very difficult for me to go through any searches :( Sorry for the inconvenience to the forums users. I've been here in the past and have also been very active...it all started with one question and...
  17. aclarke

    Diagnosing a whining noise

    A couple months ago, I had my 200tdi turbo rebuilt. I had a turbo specialist do the actual rebuild, but I used a new shop I hadn't used before to remove and refit the turbo. The shop didn't think it necessary to test drive the car after fitting the turbo, and after picking up the vehicle, I...
  18. Pollywog

    200tdi - Flywheel Housing Bolts, 19j Exhaust, Accelerator Cable & Fuel Return Pipe

    Hello all, I'm just getting the last of the bits together ready for my conversion and have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you guys can help me with. 1) The bolts to go through the bottom of the flywheel housing, I found some which are fully threaded but I notice the ones Steve Parker...
  19. R

    '93 Disco 200Tdi (98000 miles) Possible Head Gasket

    Hi all My Fiancee broke down on the M1 on Friday - sudden overheating, loss of coolant etc. RAC diagnosed "possible" head gasket and recovered her home to Nottingham. I'm sort of competent and happy to replace the HG myself if that is what it is, but I need a second opinion from a good...
  20. thereisawizza

    110 CSW self-levelling suspension

    Here's another dull one! Want to get a 2" lift kit for my Def, has self levelling suspension, do I need to do anything spesh or just remove it? Many thanks in advance as always!
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