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2.25 diesel

  1. K

    1975 Series 3 2.25 diesel

    Im having issues with power loss and the engine dying. the car will start and idle fine even run around the neighborhood for 15-20min but eventually gets to a point where it starts to sputter and die. When i hit the gas it seems to die even quicker. I stopped let it sit and then started it up...
  2. sean280


    hi all i have a series 3 2.25 diesel j10 engine it has had everything done to it and i mean everything! has been bored out new pistons new recone fule pump recon cylinder head ect but will not run prooper lacks power smokes and one day it will run nice and the next day i am constantly adjusting...
  3. andy3d

    engine mounting NRC2052 for 2.25 diesel - new design ?

    Hello I ordered recently a set of 4 LR Genuine engine mounts for sIII 2.25 diesel (part no NRC2052 ), and received something looking like this: Reading a lot before, I was sure I will get something like this, which was described as "better design then typical round mounting rubbers for...
  4. andy3d

    crankshaft 2.25 diesel - polishing

    hi a quick question after dismounting my engine for an overhaul, my mechanic (not an land rover experts) says the crankshaft needs to be polished. In the Land Rover Series Manual next to crankshaft dimensions there is a comment "regrinding NOT permitted". Does this mean, that he cannot polish...
  5. andy3d

    Pistons and Rings for 2.25 Diesel - OEM in +010 or +020 size

    Hello I am looking for pistons and rings for my SIII but better then cheep aftermarket ones (Britpart). Reading other post it seems that AE/Heppolite is the right choice. But AE pistons (Heppolite is no longer an existing company) seems to be only available in standard size, no oversize (like...
  6. B

    2.25D Distributor pump timing

    Hello all, Two questions for you: 1. My flywheel housing has not got a rectangular opening to see the timing marks on the flywheel and the pointer. It is cast shut. Directly above it I have a 10-12 mm round hole through which the flywheel can be seen. Apart from not being able to see much...
  7. hillbilly

    Crankshaft specs

    I am trying to find the standard dimensional specs on a 2.25 diesel crank shaft any help ?
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