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  1. andy3d

    2.25D - is it a crack in the engine block ?

    Hello everybody I just get my 2.25D SIII from service with replaced gearbox, and noticed some water leaks from right side of engine block could it be a crack in the block ? if so, any chance to repair it ...
  2. D

    1973 SIII 2.25 Diesel Starts and cuts out! HELP !

    Hi, I have a 2.25d Series 3, bought in good faith from a friend, MOT'd fine ..... won't run! It starts and ticks over BEAUTIFULLY most of the time, revs okay, sounds fine to me But it'll drive less than a mile before just conking out! Feels like fuel starvation, just dies slowly and loses...
  3. LordDoig

    2.25 Petrol Rebuild/Knocking noise

    Hi Guys, Just parked up the landy for a couple of weeks to work on the brakes which are now completely done however when I turned the engine over it made some horrid noises and failed to start. After some jiggery-pokery I finally took out the buoy in the fuel tank and had a look - completely...
  4. S

    2.25L Cylinder Head removal

    I've got a 2.25L Non Leaded Petrol engine with a suspect head gasket - so the head needs to come off. Only one problem, I can't get the head off! Any advice? I've gone through the normal removal of aircleaner, exhaust/intake manifolds, rocker cover off, rocker shaft off, push rod outs & spark...
  5. Fear the power of the 2.25!!!

    Fear the power of the 2.25!!!

  6. Big Sandy

    2.25 Diesel Engine Water Pump Replacement

    The most common cause for failure of the water pump fitted to the ubiquitous 2.25l Land Rover engine is over tightening the alternator/fan belt. You may not notice much of a leak at first; quite often the leak starts out small, dripping from the bottom of the pump as the engine cools. It will...
  7. Big Sandy

    Guide Series Diesel Engine Heater Plugs

    Big Sandy submitted a new resource: Series Diesel Engine Heater Plugs - How Do I Know If They Are Working? Read more about this resource...
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