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  1. P

    DSE cutout at speed - Timing clain?

    It's done nearly 200k miles, today on the motorway the EML came on and the engine cut out. I didn't hear anything when it happened. On starting it turns over fast and sound like lack of compression, so I figure one of the chains has broken. What damage should I be expecting when I go digging...
  2. B

    How Do I? 1986 landrover 2.5 to r/r 3.5 v8 conversion

    hi all i have a 1986 landrover 90 2.5 petrol and have a range rover with a 3.5 v8 in, im goin to convert the 2.5 to a v8, i have the range rover to get all the spares from and its a manual and the v8 has just been fully rebuilt with high lift cams and ported and polished head to add to the extra...
  3. Adam Faal

    Bent pushrods on 2.5 N/A?

    Hello, while driving on the motorway in my 90 2.5 n/a when the engine suddenly started to sound like the exhaust was broken/had a leak so I stopped to investigate but I couldnt find anything wrong. I drove on and after a while I lost power, not all at once, but gradually and the engine was...
  4. N

    Sherpa 15J 2.5 n/a diesel fuel lift pump

    I have a 2.5 n/a diesel 15J engine in my Series 2. I am somewhat confused on what fuel lift pump it should have on it. I understand that the 15J is pretty well the same as the 2.5 fitted in n/a Landrover 90/110 with the exception of timing case etc. The fuel lift pump I currently have fitted...
  5. 3 Of My 4   :o)

    3 Of My 4 :o)

    Here are 3 of my 4 Land Rovers. The blue one is a 300 tdi, 1995. This one is 100% complete. The green one is a ex-army 2.5 n/a, lhd, 1989, and around 90% complete. Red one is a 200 tdi, 12 seater 1990, around 85% complete.
  6. MrsDave

    Help/Advice needed - Engine Swap on a SIII

    A friend of a friend (long story :rolleyes:) has got a Series III LWB and is beginning the process of swapping the current 6-pot engine for a 2.5NAD. I don't think he's swapping the gearbox or anything else of the running gear... but I can check. I've offered my help (as I'm willing to get my...
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