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  1. boddamese

    Intermittent engine rattle

    Bit of help needed please... Defender 300tdi has developed an intermittent rattle from the engine. Sounds a bit like a metallic rustling type of rattle. Happens at idle or any engine speed regardless of car moving or stationary. Dip the clutch when it is rattling and the rate slows down with...
  2. S

    Isuzu 2.8/300tdi transplant?

    My 2nd hand replacement 300tdi engine has died,and i've got the chance of an isuzu 2.8 engine as a replacement.I've looked on a few forums including here and it seems a good transplant,but usually onto a manual box in a defender. Does anyone know how easy it is to go in an auto disco?I know the...
  3. Poulton

    How Do I? Cleaning Tdi Inlet

    Hi, been cleaning all the crap & soot out of my engines air system and have got the intercooler, pipes and inlet manifold all nice and clean.. But how do I go about cleaning the inlet holes in the cylinder head? (see photo). Obviously I dont want the crap to fall down into the valves when im...
  4. modified


    this is my modified discovery finally,still i have long way to go.
  5. white magnet

    white magnet

  6. M

    General 300Tdi "P" gasket.

    Disconnect battery. Remove viscous fan and cowling if fitted. I don't have either. You will need a "P" gasket PET 100790 and a water pump gasket ERR 3284 It is not necessary to change the water pump gasket but as mine was already s/h and it started to drip as I undid everything I changed it...
  7. M

    General Oil leak left side 300Tdi engine

    I posted this some time ago on www.difflock.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever since I bought my 300TDi Defender I've had an oily engine block on the left side of the engine from about the exhaust manifold. My daughter offered my a trip...
  8. Gas Gas Ohlins

    Guide P Gasket Replacement On A 300 TDi

    Gas Gas Ohlins submitted a new resource: P Gasket Replacement On A 300 TDi - Lets Get It Done Read more about this resource...
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