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abs light

  1. D

    Freelander abs help

    Hi everybody Freelander td4 (04) I recently fitted a new front drive shaft but it was the wrong type so the 3 dash lights came on have now fitted the correct shaft a new abs sensor and new pads and the lights are still on do they have to be reset or is there another problem
  2. G

    Abs faults

    Just took the Disco to have the ABS lights reset for the MOT having sorted out a long standing problem with a sticking caliper, to find three new fault codes have come up. I now have: CODE001: Pump failure 1 (monitor line) CODE002: Pump failure 3 (pump sticking) CODE003: shuttle valve switch...

    ABS light

    Fix one thing and another problem surfaces.... I had a dodgy ABS accumulator. To be brief the pump would run for a few seconds on every single press of the brake pedal. Also I would get a very quick flash from the ABS,TC and Handbrake light if I dabbed the brakes hard whilst moving. No actual...
  4. dug

    ABS light

    Hi, new here, just returned from the MOT centre with a fail notice. Reason : ABS light takes too long to go out :confused: any ideas please?
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