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air filter

  1. landroversok

    Easy maintainace tip that could save you a fortune on fuel pumps, turbos and pipes .

    Clean the drain in your air box when you change your air filter. To do this remove the box altogether it is easy and only take a few minutes more. As air enters the filter box it goes through a plastic spiral section which causes a vortex and spins the air drying it and the water escapes...
  2. Series Affair

    2.5 diesel: Performance and diesel leak

    Last winter I bought a 2000m.y 2.5 dHSE after my 1996m.y. 4.0 petrol 'passed on'. I was expecting the performance to be sluggish but after a couple of days I realised the performance was glacial - almost dangerous from cold. Also a diesel patch appeared on the drive and there was the aroma of...
  3. B

    Mystery Air Filter

    I bought my current 1987 110 about 6 months back. Since then it's only been used on a few occasions and has just gone straight through an MOT (not even an advisory!). Originally it was a TD but has had a disco 200tdi conversion done. Anyway decided to give it a good service and all was going...
  4. dumdums

    Removing the original oil-based air filter

    I have read a and been given some advice to remove the original oil-based air filter and the associated piping across the top of the engine and into the top of the carb with a modern small paper air filter. I have been told that it makes servicing a lot simpler, will improve MPG and generally...
  5. D

    K&N AIR Filter

    Hello I am brand new at this forum.I have just bought a 1987 Defender 90 turbo diesel. Due to oil being dumped into the air filter I was talking to a friend who was a driver in the army and he said this was a common problem and to fit a K&N. Has any one done this? what size was it and did it...
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