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air suspension

  1. F

    Help suspension issues

    Hi. Im Looking for help with my 2008 discovery 3. 2.7 diesel automatic. I had a problem starting it the other morning, it was -8 deg and I know the glow plugs need replacing. Anyway after about 4 turns on the key it was trying to start, And on the next there was a load bang from the front of the...
  2. Toothfairy

    Air suspension manual inflafe

    My P38 has been converted to airlines to set ride height can anyone please tell me air psi to pump into the 4valves(airbags)
  3. M

    SLS warning light and Off Road warning light - Land Rover Discovery 2

    Hi All, I am hoping you may be able to help. It is a long story but please read on and help if you can, I thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Whilst fitting a fuel burning heater to my D2 I came across a problem. Once completed I started and ran the heater for approx 15 mins...
  4. G

    Disco II Air Suspension woes

    Had a phone call from my wife on Tuesday morning to say that the Disco had blown up!?:eek: When she calmed down it transpired that the near side air spring had blown out. I arrived home to find the disco parked at the bottom of the track with its nose in the air looking sorry for itself. I...
  5. W

    Need Help With EAS Compressor Problem

    Over the last few days, my EAS compressor has been running intermittently: It has been running 'normally' for periods of time and then most recently it has been running VERY quiet and not filling my air tank. I have computer software to turn the pump on and off and it is responding to the...
  6. S

    Rear air suspension

    Help !!! when I went to my discovery today , i noticed that the rear end had "sagged" down a bit. When I started it , it leveled its self out , So i thought ok no problem. Then I noticed whilst driving that it was tilted to one side. So getting out what i see is that the suspension has on one...
  7. D

    Air Suspension Conversion

    Can anyone help :confused:. I have recently purchased a Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDI on a 51 plate. The vehicle has just undergone a convestion from air suspension to spring. The problem is the ALARM is continually dinging away and I would like to know, either how to reset the alarm or is...
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