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  1. R

    Dead battery, locked doors, ANGRY NEIGHBOURS!!!

    Hi everyone I'm new here. Bought a 2002 TD5 disco 2 on the weekend and the battery went flat tonight, jumped her back to breath then drove home, locked her and forgot my bag in the car, blip won't work to unlock her and its rather late, I'm also up early for work and would rather not set off the...
  2. O

    Free lander 2 Key fob problems

    I bought a 2008 Freelander 2 HSE a couple of weeks ago which came with 2 key fobs-a main one and a spare (I assume it has been rarely used and sat in a drawer given it is far less worn). When trying to lock/unlock the car using the main fob, I need to be next to the window and certainly no...
  3. normis99

    Remote key FOB problem

    Hello everyone! Discovery 1, 1997, Lucas 3TXB two button remote (only one). Sometimes stops responding, can't unlock with the button, can't turn off immobiliser. EKA code unknown. Thought the remote is misbehaving, ordered another one from Remotekey.eu They send a programmer thing that you...
  4. J

    Disabling the alarm and automatic relock feature to allow export of L322

    Hello. I was hoping someone might be able to advise me on the following? I am permanently exporting a 2003 Range Rover Vogue to an island in the South Atlantic. It will need to be left unlocked and the alarm disabled for the entire journey (including the time it sits in a secure parking...
  5. Malcolm Tent

    2001 Td5 Alarm Relay

    I have spent ages searching the internet for the alarm relay (R122 on the wiring diagram) for a 2001 Td5. It has so far eluded me. No dealers seem to list it; it barely gets a mention anywhere on the net. Does anyone know the part number? It appears to be a standard 5-pin SPDT relay, with no...
  6. M

    Roof switch on 3 door?

    Is it possible to bypass the switch on a 3 door Freelander which tells the alarm if the hard top is fitted? Also, where is it???
  7. S

    I disconnected the battery...the old way.

    Without thinking about what I was driving, I disconnected the battery the old way. I replaced the camshaft variable timing solenoid seal and proceeded to reconnect the battery…the old way..Now of course the 322 won't start. When I turn the key to number 2 position, everything comes as normally...
  8. R

    '93 disco 1 200tdi alarm/immobiliser fob fault - help please

    Evening all Out of the blue tonight, I couldn't unlock (and disarm) my disco using the remote fob. The fob works (red light when button pressed) but the message isn't getting through to the car so the car doesn't unlock and the alarm and immobiliser do not disarm. Battery for the fob is...
  9. RRFool

    Alarm Aerial

    :cool:Hi All, the remote locking on my 94 is shockingly poor - looking like a loon waving the remote at the RRC and waiting for the doors to unlock - sometimes :) Reading the repair guide, it mentions 'If the coaxial aerial is not fitted system perfromance will be impaired' Is this the...
  10. Ash[TM]

    Alarm rant. Grrrrrr.

    My alarm & immobiliser (on my 1996 300tdi) are really getting on my nerves! Does anyone have a wiring diagram at all, so I can butcher the blooming thing and re-wire everything? Every May (every mid May, in fact) the whole system seems desperate to wish me a happy birthday by testing my...
  11. K

    P38 alarm issue with indicator lights on

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and range rovers. Brought a DSE 2001. goes great but I have a problem with the alarm going off randomly at night. Presently working through the door locks,bonnet switch and tail gate. I know it is not a drained battery as I plug it into a Ctek battery charger when it is...
  12. S

    Another Immobiliser Problem

    Ive recently bought a 95 Discovery. Its great and i love it. Recently Ive been having problems with the Alarm/Immobiliser. I think it may be the fob as i cant seem to lock or unlock the doors with the fob. Im currently using the security code. Ive ordered a new fob (2-button) from the internet...
  13. D

    Blinkers on one side when alarm switched ON

    Hi, Just got myself my first landrover - a 1996 Camel Trophy Special Edition Discovery (road-version and not used for the expedition). I have an odd behaviour with the alarm. When I lock/unlock the Disco, only the blinkers on the driver's side flash on and off. Similarly, I noticed that if...
  14. M

    HELP! Defender Horn keeps going off

    Having just bought the Defender I have always wanted (Defender TD5 03) I was horrified when the horn started sounding for no apparent reason on Saturday. Continuous horn that woiuld only stop when key was in the ignition on position 2 - and started again as soon as key removed. Was resolved...
  15. S

    TD5 Alarm problem

    Hello I am new to the forum and new to Land Rovers and Discoverys, I have bought a 1999 TD5 for the expected bad winter this year. I have had it a couple of months with no real problems apart from a cracked indicator that filled up with water until it stopped working and the battery went...
  16. N

    Alarm reset

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some advise on how to reset the alarm on my Disco 1 (3.9 V8 (T reg)). I had the AA out for a fault and they disconnected the battery so now the alarm goes off when I lock the doors with the remote. The guy didn't have a clue how to reset it so now I just locked the...
  17. S

    Interior light alarm

    Freelander 2005 HSE with the following problem, with all doors well closed lights flash on most every right turn and when I park most often when I hit the remote lock button the beep indicating an open window sounds. Often even if it does not go off immediately the alarm will go off in a matter...
  18. H

    How Do I? Defender Alarm after battery disconnection.

    Hi folks. Just got myself a secondhand Landy a few weeks back ('98 Td5 Defender 90") and I had some problems with the starter solenoid. Went to fix it this morning but I didn't realise that the Landy is fitted with an alarm! Went to re-connect the battery after fixing the solenoid and the...
  19. H

    spider box/alarm/cutting out/ Help!

    1996 land rover discovery V8. So my alarm cannot be turned off. I disconnected the battery and when i reconnected it the alarm sounded and can't be turned off. I disconnected the horns to stop the sounding. The car also intermittently cuts out while driving and catches back on again. I...
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