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alternator fault

  1. C

    Help ..Any Ideas re;- rounded bolts

    Help! Had my freelander td4 '04' for 6 mnths now n this Forum has helped with me with servicing the car .Thanks for everyone's input. 2 wks ago the charging light started flickering, after a wk it came on all the time .Did all the electrical checks with my tester etc. n it all points to the...
  2. W

    300tdi Defender alternator problem?

    My 300 tdi Defender does not seem to be charging the battery. It has also developed an annoying habit of cutting out if I load the electrics, such as switching to main beam. The alternator is a bout a year old and has not seen much action. I have checked and cleaned the three connections and all...
  3. S

    had a bad week!!

    First off my Universal joint leading to rear diff went on me and replaced it.The same night it over heated so took faulty thermostat out and changed it few days later and did new belt and waterpump due to that on its way. Then Sunday my alternator ceased so changed and put new battery on. Only...
  4. D

    Battery Warning Light on but Battery is charging

    I have an 03 Freelander TD4 - the Battery Warning Light keeps flashing on whilst driving - i replaced the battery about a year ago and my garage replaced the alternator about 6 months ago - a charging meter shows 4 green lights (so Battery is charging nicely) The light first started flashing a...
  5. Sim

    Battery warning light/alternator

    Hi I have recently had a problem with my alternator (head lamps kept going bright and then blowing as well as the interior fan speeding up) my local LR independent fitted a new alternator but now the battery light wont go out. I am wondering is it a faulty alternator or maybe a bad earth...
  6. P

    Random "Alternator Fault" Display Error

    I get a beep and "Alternator Fault" displaying on the dash every now and then. It seems to be quite random and doesn't seem to do it with any sort of pattern or regularity. The battery currently appears to be holding it's charge nicely, but it is a pretty new battery. Any ideas chaps?
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