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  1. K

    No tiptronic or sport mode Freelander Td4 2006 Auto

    Can anyone help? I have Freelander 1 TD4 2006 Auto and the tiptronic or sport mode does not work when the car starts to warm, I have had the gearbox oil changed and cleaned all the connectors under the selector. As soon as I have driven about half a mile it no longer functions???
  2. K

    Yet another non starter 300TDi

    Hi all, I bought a 1994 300TDi Auto as a non starter. Previous owner says it just stopped while driving and wouldn't start again. Initially had no power to the stop solenoid or glow plugs as well as no resistance on the lift pump priming handle. The battery was also completely dead. The...
  3. M

    Rear prop UJ comes off on motorway now no drive

    Hiya folks Rear prop UJ on an auto td5 cruising down the motorway at 70mph the rear prop UJ decided to part company from my motor i pulled over pretty quick and removed the rest of the rear prop expecting to limp it home with only front wheel drive , only to then find I had no gears selectable...
  4. D

    Disco 1 auto cruise control

    Happy new year. Now that reality is back I am going to try to fix the few niggles on my 1996 Disco 1 Es auto. Firstly the cruise control doesn't work. The light comes on when I push the switch in but nowt else happens despite pressing the steering wheel buttons. I suspect there is a trail of...
  5. P

    automatic gearbox levels p38 1998

    i have a 1998 p38 2.5dshe the gears are not changing as they should it stuggle to get to 55-60 engine is ok gearbox problem there are two small holes about an inch apart is that the level for the oil. or if anyone knows what might be wrong could they please let me know thank you
  6. A

    300tdi auto disco no power

    hi, this is my first post so bear with me. i recently had my timing belt go at 70mph, i have been very lucky in the only damage seems to have been the pushrods. however when i have been on a journey if i stop then start up again within an hour or so it goes up to 1000rpm smokes a bit and does...
  7. Saratoga

    Stories Ham & GPS Setup (D90 V8 Auto)

    Saratoga submitted a new resource: Ham & GPS Setup (D90 V8 Auto) - My Installation Read more about this resource...
  8. seylec1

    X reg V8 3.9ltr Auto Disco 2 engine stalling

    I've got an X reg V8 3.9ltr Disco 2, for the last year or 2 the engine has occasionally stalled, sometimes at low revs, often in reverse and even on motorways (though it seems to bump start again). Starting with the easy bits : Plug change, new HT leads (great place to mount the coils behind the...
  9. S

    300tdi stuck in park

    did it last night then worked, solenoid seems to be clicking when button pressed. wont move from park now, i have the centre console out and am totally lost :( brake switched replaced last month any suggestions
  10. C

    Discovery Drivetrain into Series 3

    Morning all, I'm new to this forum but have had my '78 series 3 fro about 10 years now. It currently has a holden 179 straight six with a 4 speed manual. I'm looking at putting a discovery drivetrain in to replace the current setup (Discos are pretty cheap in NZ). Anyone know if a V8 disco...
  11. karona

    Transfer and Auto Gearbox Oil Change (Saga)

    I have just recently changed the oil in the Auto Box (Inc Filter) plus the oil in the Transfer Box. I took loads of pictures and have some tales to tell. But before i start the post i have one question. Is there a limit on the numbers of pictures i can attach? As a picture saves a thousand...
  12. karona

    Discovery Auto Gearbox Noise

    Hi all, bit long winded but bear with me please. Today, I was sitting waiting on the wife then when I saw her coming I started the car, and then heard a strange noise coming from the gearbox. I got out and had a look, all seemed ok. Put it into neutral (its an Auto) and the noise got...
  13. S

    rasping rattling noise at 2300 - 2500 rpm D2 auto

    Hi, I have a disco 2 2001 auto with 155k on the clock. It's making a rasping noise when revving the engine between 2300 and 2500 rpm when stationary and moving. It's much louder when cold and moving being under load. It gets better as the car warms up, but never disappears. I took it to a LR...
  14. T

    Range Rover Auto Gearbox Replacement! EEEEK!!

    Hello one and all!! I have been offered a 3.9v8 range rover classic auto. The auto box has blown and has been removed (SO allot of the hard work has been done!!??) I just want to know how easy is it to fit another Auto Box? I presume that unlike fabulous series vehicles the gbox has to go in...
  15. M

    300 tdi auto with edc 9)fly by wire not starting help!!

    Anyone on here got any information they can share with me about this edc system? My disco just won't start checked fuel at filter bleed screw thats ok now think the mrs run it dry!! But not getting anything to injectors when cracked. Is there anything i can check on the pump like stop solenoids...
  16. R

    Disco 1 3.5 V8 Gearbox probs

    After some advice please. Changed the gearbox and transfer box oils last week on my Disco V8 3.5 93 and the gearbox decided to stick in first gear until it heated up. I know that changing the oil can possibly lead to more problems but there were some larger bits of metal in the sump when I...
  17. D

    HELP! - v8 Defender Engine/Gearbox Swap, too many options what do I need?.....

    Was about to buy the parts and crack on with an LPG conversion on my 1986 3.5v8 110 (thanks largely to all the advice I received on here!) when my wife has gone and complicated matters, typical! Seems she is finding the thought of driving a manual a pain and reacted with glee when I flippantly...
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