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automatic gear box

  1. D

    Auto Transmission help?

    I have just bought a 98 discovery V8 Auto from a council tender with no keys, Its only got 100,000 kms on it and once i got it running the engine was an amazing runner for something thats sat for 14 months, fired immediatly and ran up to temperature fine. Problem is the auto trans wont engage...
  2. T

    Range Rover Auto Gearbox Replacement! EEEEK!!

    Hello one and all!! I have been offered a 3.9v8 range rover classic auto. The auto box has blown and has been removed (SO allot of the hard work has been done!!??) I just want to know how easy is it to fit another Auto Box? I presume that unlike fabulous series vehicles the gbox has to go in...
  3. S

    300 tdi auto problems

    i have a discovery 1 300 tdi auto ,,and it has just stopped working in reverse gear i.e. absolutely no drive what so ever and every forward gear is perfect...all suggestion appreciated
  4. D

    Auto Box Rough changedown

    On my '96 Disco Auto I experience a rough kick or "diff backlash" when I accelerate and suddenly decelerate in the 3rd gear. I have checked the ATF level when cold and it is at the upper marker.
  5. J

    UK Auto box blowing cooler

    OK, so you'll all take the mick, but I bought a 90 with a 4.6 V8 auto on ebay - yes, wine was involved. Whenever I use low ratio (even for a short time) I am presented with a newly decorated engine bay as the auto fluid seems to over pressurise and has blown pipes and the cooler itself. Any...
  6. T

    Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi Just started to have a probmlem with gear shifting on my V6 Freelander 2001 automatic It suddenly changes gears very rough, somtimes with a "bang" does not happen when driving in 1 and 2 but when in 4 or D. It does not happen all the time, but equally when shifting up and down. Any idea?
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