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  1. daveslatter

    Series 3 LWB Axle Rebuild Question

    I'm in the process of rebuilding both the front (normal) and rear (Salisbury) axles for my series 3 LWB. The question I have is, as I attached the drive flange (Part # 571711) to the hub, I realized that there seem to be nothing holding the axle shaft (Part # 576767) from sliding out on the rear...
  2. C

    Rear Axel Defender 110

    hi guys i took my defender 110 to a garage for a knocking fron the rear, they showed me there was excessive play in the Axel by twisting the rear prop shsft, it looked to be moving a lot. They then quoted me £1000 + Fitting for a new axel. just wondering if that sounds right? Thanks
  3. T

    defender 110 1998 will not go into diff lock?

    Hi I passed my driving test last winter and april this year my parents defender got back from getting a galvanized chassis. When off-roading one day i got stuck and went for the diff lock which moved over but would not engage :( the light does not come on on the dash ether. my parents said they...
  4. J

    clunking from near side reardiscovery 2

    HI all, I recently got this clunking from the reaer near side of my discovery. Going round corners, over bumps slowly or fast, even idle and shunting the vehicle from side to side gives this knocking noise. I'm guessing is a bushel or bearing of some description but don't have the experience...
  5. D

    How Do I? safety first

    Hi all just a quick post, i had a phone call from one of my freinds wives just now. he had his motor come off the jack last night, i dont know the full ins and outs of it, but it has crushed his lower leg. i think you are all sensable and do things correct ley when it comes to jacking your...
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