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  1. M

    Changing from a 3 to a 5 bearing main 2.25

    Hey everyone.. changing the engine in my S2a .. my 3 bearing main needs more work than u have time or money to deal with at the moment .. got a running 5 bearing and I’m looking to put it in .. What is different when it comes to mounting it up and refitting everything?
  2. H

    Expired FTC3922 - R380 to Rover V8 Bellhousing

    As in the title. Needed for 3.9EFi into Defender conversion. Thanks
  3. O

    Expired Series 3 gearbox

    In the process of stripping for some bulkhead welding I discover I need to replace the bellhousing - has anyone got a scrap gearbox or an already dismantled bellhousing I can acquire/buy - preferably somewhere close to Swindon/Oxford area as SWMBO is getting a bit bored of weekends trekking all...
  4. hawkinz69

    How Do I? Range Rover p38 4.6 engine removal

    Hello, I could do with some expert advice in removing the V8 engine. The engine and engine bay has been stripped so all that remains is the block with crank and cam still in. My problem is with the bell housing bolts, what is the best way of removing these damn bolts!! I am removing the...
  5. lvdxd00

    How Do I? v8 engine in to td90

    I have seen a 1994 disco v8 manual for sale locally and was wondering would the engine connect to my gearbox's bellhousing or would I need to change the bellhousing? Or could I use the bellhousing from the disco The disco is a 1994 model, so is that the R380 box? Could I use that too? Cheers
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