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body panel

  1. T

    59' Series 2 109 Pickup Body Panels WTB

    Hi, In a desperate search for a pair of rear body panels for the pickup box sides. Would be the rear wheel well or rear wing. These are proving to be tough to find for this 109 pickup. Does any one have a lead on a supplier or know someone that has some NOS or good used panels? Located in Canada...
  2. M

    Range Rover Classic/Discovery interchangability . . . . .

    How be all. I have just invested in a Bobtailed '72 Range Rover Classic, and some parts/panels are missing like wings, inner wings, headlight panels among other things. I also own a donor Discovery 200tdi of which the drive train is destined to be used in my 2A. I was just wondering if any of...
  3. spanner69

    Fitting roof and sides to a Series IIA - newbie question

    Hi guys, Probably a really dumb question, but you guys know your stuff better than I do, so..... I have just bought a Series IIA pick-up and want to fit an enclosed back to it. How big a task is it to undertake and how long will it take me to remove the back and roof of the old cab and fit...
  4. JonathonMarshall

    Footwell repair sections?

    The land rover is hopefully going in to get some work done on Tuesday and the passenger footwell has a hefty hole in it. It is seemingly beyond plating but i cannot find any 'new footwells' or associated repair sections - so hows it going to be fixed??
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