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  1. BigbearandLittlebear

    Has anyone fitted bonnet gas struts?

    I have the spare wheel on my bonnet but it makes the bonnet on the old series 3 very hard to lift up and down, has anyone fitted any gas struts and what did they use or how did they fit them. I have tried some flea bay ones but they start to bend the wings Ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Dal372475

    For Sale - Autobiography Bonnet

    Admin please delete if not allowed. Or move to correct I have a Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Bonnet for sale. Its brand new however dusty due to being in storage. Location: Oldbury, West Midlands £130 Anyone interested?
  3. boddamese

    Folding (series type) bonnet prop on Defender

    I'd like to fit a series-style folding bonnet prop to my 300tdi Defender. Does anyone have a picture of one installed? The stowing-clip mounting for the standard one snapped off and it was a stretch to unclip anyway. I see there are non series folding versions out there (MUC4208... for early...
  4. D

    How does my spare wheel mount on the bonnet??

    I recently bought a Series III 109, lovely machine!! but the spare wheel is rolling round in the back. it has a razor edge bonnet with a recess for the wheel. could somebody send a picture of how it should look when mounted properly? Im not even sure I have all the right bits! Any help would be...
  5. L

    General 300TDI Bonnet wont open.

    Hi All. This is my first post and my very first Disco. I don know why I have waited so long to get one! Anyway I've got a problem where I cant open the bonnet. Its a 1997 P Reg Jap inport, The cable is attached still. I've tried to spray it with copper slip. But I still cant get it to open and...
  6. R


    Hi my name is Roger and have owned several old landies, however I now own a (54) TD4. As I have recently been fitted with a new knee I have not been able to use her for 6 or 7 weeks and although she has been started 2 or 3 times when I attempted to use her today I found the battery was flat. In...
  7. S

    Defender Bonnet on a Series IIA

    Hi All, I am new to the whole land rover world so you will have to forgive me if this is a stupid question, I am looking at buying a Late Series IIA (1971) of a guy i know with a striaght 2.5 Diesel Defender Engine fitted into it, First off anyone see any problem with a defender engine in...
  8. D

    Intermittent immobilizer problem after opening the bonnet

    I have a random problem which happens after I change the oil or check the water etc. For about a week afterwards I get an intermittent problem where the car will not start for a few hours or minutes. Eventually it starts fine and runs for a day or so and then it happens again. This happens 3 or...
  9. U

    Series Bonnet Spare Wheel Mounting Clamp - Size?

    Hiya I know that this has been covered before, but I'd just like to clarify something. I'm sure there are two sizes of "Z"-shaped bonnet clamp - one for SWB and one for LWB - am I correct? The clamps I have won't locate the wheel on my bonnet - the longer leg of the "Z" is too short (if you...
  10. U

    Series Bonnet Mount Spare Wheel Bolts

    Hiya I've just picked up a Series 2A Bonnet which I've cleaned up and fitted Series 3 Hinges to (see pic). Before: After: I've got the little Z-shaped clamps which hold the wheel in place, but I have no idea what size/type of bolts actually hold the clamps and spare wheel onto the...
  11. impstar

    Wrong bonnet???

    Is this a series 2 bonnet? Definately not the series 3 I think??? Any ideas Cheers :D
  12. M

    How Do I? How can I close my bonnett??

    i cannot close my bonnet, i think the cable has stretched from the pulley on the passanger side and therefore the clasp wont shut. any thing I can do to close the bonnett securely??
  13. K

    Land Rover Bonnet Lettering

    Hi all, I seem to be posting nothing but trivial questions in this forum, apologies for this - when something blows up and I need help I'll make sure to create a proper thread :p. Anyhoo, today's random point of discussion is this - does every Series 1 Freelander have the LANDROVER lettering...
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