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  1. W

    Sticky new caliper

    Hi all, I have a Discovery 2 Td5. Had my rear offside caliper changed a few months ago (September I think?) and it's already gone through a set of pads. Nearside has plenty of life left. Caliper was brand new fitted by my local specialist. I'm wondering if dodgy caliper or something else?
  2. C

    Front sailsbury axle flexible brake hoses ?

    Gents I am hoping someone may know the answer to this trivia question:- "Does the front Salisbury axle use the standard flexible brake hoses on the non military front axle ?"... Supplementary question " if not can you tell me the part number" Many thanks
  3. D

    Discovery 2 Pulsing Brake

    Help :(....Please 3 weeks ago i was doing 70MPH and needed to slow down qucik as a car pulled in front of me, I braked hard but not enough for the ABs to normaly come on. But it did. he pedal was pulsing and i could hear the noise of the ABS. it scared the hell out of me as it felt like it...
  4. L

    Wow! 3.54 Diffs - now what?

    Bought some 3.54 diffs from a forum member a couple of weeks ago (Wally - a gentleman and a pleasure to meet). What a difference. Firstly the fuel economy - my weekly commute is about 110 miles from the Fylde to Shropshire, around half of which is on the M6. With the 4.7 diffs I'd be pushing it...
  5. T

    extended front brake hoses rubbing on tire

    I fitted +2" braided hoses to my defender as u had lifted it 2" but they are rubbing on the tires. Is there a way of fixing this? I've seen jeep people using bungees but they do own jeeps...;)
  6. M

    Parking Brake Failure - Not covered by warranty?

    Hi! Just 8-12 weeks ago I purchased my first Land Rover (a Range Rover Sport HSE, 2011). I purposely selected a vehicle still inside warranty and have also purchased an extended warranty product, and I am very happy with the performance and comfort until now. So, the parking brake recently...
  7. D

    How Do I? Park Brake Module

    I had a problem with the electric park brake sticking on, which was sorted by my garage, but they told me the module would not reset, and a new one would cost nearly £1,000 fitted. Is this realistic, or is there another way to fix this? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  8. D

    Brakes, Well, fitting sizes for studs into various components. 1993 v8 ABS

    Anyone know what size the female ports are on 1993 ABS 3.9 Vogue SE? Are they weird SAE things or some Umbutu prod-gauge, or just friction welded and then rusted away to burnt matches as they leave the factory? After trying to get the old girl in shape for a genuine MOT (The one supplied when I...
  9. Richie_asg1

    Success rate of Clutch or Brake master cylinder overhaul ?

    Well - it had to happen eventually didn't it? Dribbles down the clutch pedal again. :( I've overhauled 1 brake master, then sold it soon after, and replaced 2 because of corrosion / wear. But with kits so cheap how many people replace seals and have a good success rate over a complete new...
  10. N

    Brake Problems & It's Xmas As Well - Oh Joy!!

    Have a 200TDI (93) which has had a problem with the nearside front caliper binding for while, day before xmas came to brake at a roundabout and suddenly no brakes, managed to stop on the handbrake much to the wifes amusement (she hates the Landy!!) and drove slowly home. Today I replaced the...
  11. S

    Urgent – need garage to replace brake line only 2 days before Easter weekend: SW11

    Had brake failure tonight on my 1999 110 CSW (fortunating was parking at the time!). The brake line running on top of the chassis, mid way back is leaking – all fluid lost to the rear axle. Can anyone recommend a garage, close as possible to SW11 (Battersea, London) to replace the pipe in the...
  12. bvudzichena

    Uneven brake pad wear

    Hi Guys! I've just had to replace a disc and a set of brake pads on the right rear - again. As you can see the outer pad is worn to the metal. The strange thing is that the inner pad has basically no wear. It looks the same as it did when I fitted it a couple of weeks before Christmas. Any...
  13. J

    Advice regarding old brake fluid

    Hello all, I recently purchased my first Landy, a '68 series IIA. I'm just fettling her up for the MOT. I'd like to completely replace the brake fluid and was wondering about the best technique to do so. Should I bleed the system completely, then top up the reservoir and re-bleed? Also, how...
  14. Malcolm Tent

    Backplates for 109 V8 Front Brakes

    I have a V8 in my SIII 88 and the braking is scary, even though all the cylinders, hoses and shoes have been replaced recently. Therefore I'm thinking of replacing the front brakes with all new 109 V8/6cyl kit. I've found all the parts I will need online, apart from the brake backplates...
  15. series3100

    Contrary to common belief - Td5 bulkheads...

    Hi all, This is just some info for peoples future reference regarding Td5 bulkheads and servos... Although people seem to think the series servo wont fit on a TD5 bulkhead because it will be too close to the clutch pedal box and/or steering column this is not correct. It is very very...
  16. D

    How Do I? safety first

    Hi all just a quick post, i had a phone call from one of my freinds wives just now. he had his motor come off the jack last night, i dont know the full ins and outs of it, but it has crushed his lower leg. i think you are all sensable and do things correct ley when it comes to jacking your...
  17. Lighting90

    Carparts Direct - Rover Brake Pads

    Just a note to say, ordered some new brake pads for my Rover car on Sunday night, they arrived first thing on Tuesday morning. The quality of the parts look better than the ones I bought via a local dealer, and fitted without any problems. (Again the previous ones I have trouble as the one...
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