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  1. Richie_asg1

    Canvas repairs

    I bought my canvas tilt with the hoops as a job lot deal, and am slowly getting towards fitting it. I'ts in a rather sad and sorry state with parts rotted off it, so I will post my progress on getting this relic usable in the summer anyway. Hopefully it will give others another option of repair...
  2. Richie_asg1

    Nato green or Olive drab?

    Having just acquired a painted tilt I am in the process of restoring it. It has been painted green / black with paint on the outside. Does anyone know if they used Nato Green or Olive Drab as a standard? Black is black I presume. Also if it is a satin or matt originally. I'm not intending a...
  3. D

    Canvas Hood

    Hi All, I know that this subject was covered about two years ago but I would like to get some up to date feedback. I need to replace the hoods on both of my series Land Rovers. The last hood I bought was from Ex-Moor trim for my Series 2 88 (about 10 years ago). I have to say I wasn't...
  4. lvdxd00

    shrunk Canvas

    Anyone know any tricks and tips on how to stretch a canvas tilt. Mine has shrunk by at least two inches. Or is it time to get a replacement. Cheers Dave
  5. rstrachan

    Canvas Hood Template/Pattern

    I've managed to convince my wife to stitch up a new hood for my Series 2A 88, but she needs a pattern to work to. I've looked everywhere to find a good template or pattern for a full canvas hood. No luck. You can find detailed sketches and dimensions of practically every oil stain on the...
  6. lvdxd00

    soft top

    The soft top of my 2a doesnt fit properly. the flap at the back is about 3" clear of the tailgate. Does this mean it has shrunk?
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