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  1. Lighting90

    Repair Guide Cleaning Solex Carb Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

    The Solex carb on my wee Land Rover was giving me some grief, and not running right. I took the first step of buying a refurb kit for the carb and fitted all new gaskets, diaphragms, and needles. Sadly this did not cure the problem. Then a friend suggested using a ultrasonic cleaner, these are...
  2. boddamese

    Zenith 361V carb rebuild or shiny new (copy) part?

    I'm just about loosing my rag with my 2 1/4 88" over this carb problem. The old Weber was leaking fuel into the inlet and generally running rough despite being only 2 years old and having regular fuel filter changes. I junked it for a second hand Zenith from e-bay and a rebuild kit. The...
  3. Adler

    Ignition and carb advice for a 2.5 petrol

    I have a 1989 2.5 petrol engine in my '72 88", with a Zenith carb and manifold from the old 2.25 petrol, plus a sports exhaust and manifold. The carb has the same jets as when running the 2.25. Problems and questions are as follows: Q1. Contact breaker gap keeps closing - sometimes after 1km...
  4. MPi-KMS-72

    General Carb Info

    Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 10:01:58 -0700 From: [email protected] (Jim Allen) Subject: Performace Carbs for 2.25 To All Series Owners, Some of you may have seen the "Power Feed" article in the Summer Issue of LROI. A lot of good data was edited for space considerations so I thought...
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