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central locking

  1. M

    HELP! Issues with tailgate, windows and central locking

    Hi.. i have a land rover freelander td4 2000 automatic... so yesterday I went in the boot for a second, closed the tailgate door and all was fine, then locked the jeep using my key fob. I was in the house for 2 hours then when i came out, i noticed the tailgate window was half way down, then...
  2. J

    Central Locking - won't lock from remote - 2001 Discover II RHD

    Hi, I have looked for this combination and cannot find an answer in the forum... The symptoms: 1) Pressing the lock on the remote causes a beep. 2) On turning the ignition off the interior lights come on immediately. 3) The lock/unlock switch on the dashboard will operate the locks correctly...
  3. U

    Central Locking Malfunction

    Hi all, I am a new member & thanks a lot for this forum. I have a Freelander 1 TD4 54 plate & having some issues with central locking mechanism. Intermittently, the central lock will keep dropping & lock all the doors as if someone is pressing the switch or remote constantly. It will only...
  4. L

    Central locking problems

    Hi, I'm new the this forum. Im having problems with the central locking on my Freelander 2.2 Td4 GS 5d (2008/08). After a journey and stopping the engine, I open the drivers door from inside using door handle but the other doors stay locked. They used to all open, now I have to use the key fob...
  5. W

    FUEL FLAP ACTUATOR RRC 1994 classic

    My fuel flap actuator won't return to normal position so flap can be pushed shut. Motor works but shaft does not extend far enough to put catch back in position. Have tried Wd40 etc. It is 1994 model. no part number on actuator just Maker, 'Kiekert 6, W germany'. Not available as a spare. Was...
  6. H

    Land Rover TD5 2006 Double Cab Central Locking problem

    At the weekend my Landie 110 started locking itself using the central locking I am now carrying the spare set of keys in my pocket as it does it when I am out Seems to start locking and unlocking as you are opening and closing the drivers door I have wiggled the wires etc and that does not weem...
  7. dumdums

    Lock barrels and keys

    I'm going to put central locking into my 300tdi 90 1995. Question I have is: If I use the later type rear door lock that has central locking I shall need a new barrel as it needs to be longer, therefore, if I want the whole set up to work efficiently, i.e. with the minimum number of keys. One...
  8. N

    L322 2003 Central Locking Fault

    I have a 2003 L322 HSE which has suddenly developed a problerm with the central locking. The key fobdoes not lock or unlock any of the doors, nor does the button on the dash. The boot release button releases the upper tailgate but not the lower section. I have checked the fuses but no luck...
  9. R

    '93 disco 1 200tdi alarm/immobiliser fob fault - help please

    Evening all Out of the blue tonight, I couldn't unlock (and disarm) my disco using the remote fob. The fob works (red light when button pressed) but the message isn't getting through to the car so the car doesn't unlock and the alarm and immobiliser do not disarm. Battery for the fob is...
  10. N

    amr 4886 full a water

    have a problem on my 1996 disco 300tdi, the alarm central locking and immobiliser not responding have no led working on dash key only opens drivers door when you try to start engine the red light with key symbol lights up and you get no response key fob has no input either. when i tracked down...
  11. C

    Tailgate locking problem

    I am new to the Forum, and have scanned previous posts to look for the same problem, without any luck! The rear door ( tailgate) on my 2004 Freelander occasionally does not open. No matter what I do I cannot get it to open, then out of the blue a few hours later it opens as before?? This...
  12. P

    central locking on n/s failed

    Has anyone come across this before ?... central locking has failed on passenger front and rear doors. The front door seemes to be in deadlock mode whilst the rear door will open with the interior handle. The drivers side front and rear doors are working fine as is the tailgate. Its a 2004 L322...
  13. landii

    ARRGGHH! Central Locking - Help please

    Hi, my Disco1'94 ES central locking is a pain. The central locking works and then does not (I only use the key not the fob). I have just replaced the drivers door actuator and it was working fine. Drove 10mins and central locking is not working again. Problem appears to be heat related - colding...
  14. C

    CDL Problems

    Hi! I have a 2001 TD4 and my problem with my CDL (CENTRAL DOOR LOCK) is this: I replaced the inoperative driver's door locking mechanism with a new one and after a few successful clicks, the whole CDL suddenly died down. I couldn't open nor close the locks through the CDL switch on the front...
  15. landii

    Central Locking Again

    Sorry for yet another - Disco 1 central locking saga.... But if you can post ideas to help me then thank you. Disco 1 - ES 5 door with Alarm: Central locking works intermittently. I have taken the door apart and visually checked the actuator, microswitch operation and the door mechanism. I...
  16. M

    wierd central locking !!!!

    Hi Guys, try this one........ 1994 200tdi disco, unlock the doors all unlock fine, open the door and they all lock!!!! get in the car and shut the door they all open!! back door is stuck shut could this be part of the problem??? any help appreciated...ta
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