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  1. Lighting90

    Repair Guide Cleaning Solex Carb Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

    The Solex carb on my wee Land Rover was giving me some grief, and not running right. I took the first step of buying a refurb kit for the carb and fitted all new gaskets, diaphragms, and needles. Sadly this did not cure the problem. Then a friend suggested using a ultrasonic cleaner, these are...
  2. T

    Rusty fuel tank! Any suggestions?

    Hi I'm trying to restore a deisel 3 series fuel tank. I've brushed off the rust on the outside and I'm going to splash hammerite all over it. The problem is the inside, it's full of rust! I've swilled a bit of pertrol round it and drained it the best I could - a lot of rusty petrol came out...
  3. F

    Former Smokers Freelander2

    I need advice on how to clear the smoke smell from inside a smokers Freekander2.. good working advice please asap. Thanks in advance. Frank.
  4. Poulton

    How Do I? Cleaning Tdi Inlet

    Hi, been cleaning all the crap & soot out of my engines air system and have got the intercooler, pipes and inlet manifold all nice and clean.. But how do I go about cleaning the inlet holes in the cylinder head? (see photo). Obviously I dont want the crap to fall down into the valves when im...
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