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  1. D

    Disco 1 300tdi grinding/clunking/squeak very loud noise HELP!

    For a while now i have been hearing a squeaky whiny noise comming from my front right wheel i believed so i assumed the pads were rubbing on the disk or needed changing, this fixed the problem for a while but now it has come back. and now.... yesterday while driving up to Sheffield from...
  2. BrAinZ

    Clunking when accelerating through 2nd gear

    Hi Guys, I've got a 1.8l 2001 Freelander and have just noticed a "clunking" noise when accelerating through the gears, most noticebly going from 2-3rd, although does happen less at other times. Sounds sort of like perhaps something has some play in it, but I've no idea of the technical side...
  3. M

    A new friend, the 'clonk'

    I find on my trip to work I now have a new friend to share the trip with, a 'clonk', definitely not a 'bang' or a 'clunk', it has a more or a hollow quality to it so 'clonk' feels about right. It occurs when driving over bumps in the road, both with the clutch in and out and only occurs at...
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