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clutch problem

  1. MBessent

    Series 2a Clutch Linkage Questions and Odd Find

    Evening all, Following on from a previous post of mine I'm back working on my 1969 Series 2a station wagon that's having some clutch difficulties. I went to drive it mid December after getting the engine running a bit smoother only for something to happen that caused me to lose the clutch. I...
  2. A

    Series 3 Clutch not pushing fluid into pipes

    Hi everyone, need some help with a series 3 clutch. Im restoring an old series 3 (havent run in 15 years) and have now began looking at the clutch. Pedal felt completely soft with no resistance at all so checked fluid level and it was very low. I topped off with new fluid and loosened the bleed...
  3. C

    Clutch/Gearbox issue

    Having an issue with my Series 3 gearbox/clutch.. it started after a long drive where I was mainly in 4th gear, I went to take it out of gear and it was stuck in 4th. I stopped for a while and was able to get it into gear with some difficulty.. its now very difficult to get it into gear if at...
  4. D

    clutch pedal raised 50mm

    My clutch pedal on my freelander1 1.8 has raised up about 50-60mm but it still works well sort of the bite is still right at the bottom and its become really tricky on a hill start. Is it a easy fix to put the clutch pedal back in its place or has anyone ever had this happen to them.
  5. S

    Have to use force to select gears when warmed up.

    Hello all This is my first time asking a question so please bare with me. I have a 2003 Td5 Defender, 140,000 miles, oils and fluid changed at half the recommended service intervals. Went on a 70 mile round trip the other day, mostly motorway. On the way back, I notice it was getting harder to...
  6. S

    Now and then clutch

    I have a land rover disco 300tdi ive had a brand new clutch and new arm, new clutch cylinder and a new master cylinder been fine for a few months but started playing up again today i got clutch then a few pumps later i got no clutch then i leave it then i got clutch again so wot could it be ive...
  7. rideincyprus

    Clutch solid as a stone. Help!

    Hi. I own a 1991 110 with a 300TDi transplant. The clutch pedal dropped to the floor and when it went back up it became hard as a stone. Have checked all hydraulics, all working fine. Have taken slave cylinder out, but the pushrod stayed inside the bellhousing and I can't get it out. Is is...
  8. J

    Help Please!! Freelander Clutch/Hydraulics System..

    Hi All, Would really appreciate any advice on this please :) Basically, put my Freelander in for its MOT last year, was advised the clutch was on its way out (also the entire exhaust system). Got both done. The clutch had become difficult to engage - changing gears. After getting it done...
  9. P

    Helped needed with Series 3 clutch problem

    Just acquired a Series 3 knowing that it had a problem. Before I start tearing it apart, I'd like some guidance on where to start first… The problem is no drive. The engine runs fine, the clutch pedal has pressure (not huge), but regardless of any gear that is selected there is no drive when...
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