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  1. MBessent

    Use of an Engine Crane - Bath/Bristol

    **EDIT; CRANE NO LONGER REQUIRED** Hello, Clutch issues are stopping my enjoyment of my Series 2a, as such, the gearbox needs to come out. While I've been told that a 2x4 and some determination can do the job, an engine crane seems to be the more appropriate technique. Current living situation...
  2. J

    Clutch solid and gears not fluid

    So a question to the wise. Series 3 88, 2.25l petrol, 1974 Landy has been standing for the past year and the clutch pedal is solid (no give) . The gearstick is also not as free as it was. Is this a case of filling with ep90 and starting him up in hope the warmth generated will free the clutch or...
  3. MBessent

    Series 2a Clutch Linkage Questions and Odd Find

    Evening all, Following on from a previous post of mine I'm back working on my 1969 Series 2a station wagon that's having some clutch difficulties. I went to drive it mid December after getting the engine running a bit smoother only for something to happen that caused me to lose the clutch. I...
  4. Charlie Roberts

    200 TDI disco comversion with defender clutch servo?

    Hi, i have an 88” series 3 with a disco 200tdi. Id like a lighter clutch… I seen this defender 200tdi clutch servo kit on ebay, id like a second opinion. Do you think this would work with a discovery 200tdi engine? I understand that it might be hard to mount it in the engine bay, im sure it...
  5. A

    Series 3 Clutch not pushing fluid into pipes

    Hi everyone, need some help with a series 3 clutch. Im restoring an old series 3 (havent run in 15 years) and have now began looking at the clutch. Pedal felt completely soft with no resistance at all so checked fluid level and it was very low. I topped off with new fluid and loosened the bleed...
  6. M

    Changing from a 3 to a 5 bearing main 2.25

    Hey everyone.. changing the engine in my S2a .. my 3 bearing main needs more work than u have time or money to deal with at the moment .. got a running 5 bearing and I’m looking to put it in .. What is different when it comes to mounting it up and refitting everything?
  7. S

    Clutch reservoir

    1972 Lightweight. Clutch problems. Symptoms Clutch very light Gears won't engage or disengage at all while engine running (on examination) clutch reservoir bone dry No apparent fluid drop under the vehicle The cylinder below the reservoir has only one exit connexion. The pipe...
  8. B

    Clutch pedal hard, release quick but all parts changed.

    Hi all I’m new to the forums so I apologise if I’m posting a duplicate thread. I’ve bought a 2005 Freelander TD4 last week, it’s in immaculate condition for its age, has almost a complete service book with paperwork to back. All fluids look OK and she drives smoothly, gears engage well, brakes...
  9. Jjc2020

    Clutch doing nothing after no start since September

    Hi all, Hoping you can help. Fitted new clutch master and slave to my ‘72 series 3 about two years ago. All was fine until today. Only did around 100 miles but worked just fine. Parked it up in the garage in September and when I went to start it today - no clutch. Symptoms are that with the...
  10. D

    LT77 and Clutch. Disco 200tdi

    Hi all. Would like to ask if its normal, when you have manual gearbox on neutral (free), is it normal that the output shaft is spinning? This happen also with the clutch pedal pressed. I could stop shaft spinning by hand. But with a bit of force.
  11. C

    Front Drive vibration L series 2.0

    Hi everyone Any advice pointing me in right direction, read somewhere on forums but cannot find now. My L series 2000 plate has front vibration .it doesn't feel it through steering but actual in the drive. I have removed prop shaft to eliminate interference. When in gear I feel some...
  12. C

    Freelander clutch problem

    I have a 2007 diesel Freelander S TD4. 2 months ago, at 110,000 miles, the clutch went (clutch pedal down to floor, would not return, gears would not engage). I had the clutch, slave cylinder, etc, replaced. Fairly standard problem from what I can gather. Unfortunatley, in my case, that is not...
  13. J

    Clutch/gearbox problem and break fluid lead!

    Hi I have two potential problems with my Series 3 1972 88" Land Rover! 1. My clutch went, so my local garage fitted a new Borg and Beck (Good un apparently!) - it's working now great 98% of the time. But just very occasionally I get the odd grinding noise! I took it back to the garage but then...
  14. K

    Freelander 1 clutch master slave, easy job for beginner or better getting a pro?

    Greetings Ladies (presumably) and Gentlemen (and trolls), This is is my first post on this type of forum, and I'm looking for advice on wether or not I could/should try taking on this bloody motor's latest fault, myself. I guessed it was the master/slave when the clutch pedal hit the floor. I...
  15. G

    Bottoming out clutch

    Ok, boogie (TD5 ES on 03 plate) has an annoying clutch. When I got boogie the clutch pedal (operating range) was very low, i.e. the clutch only disengages in the bottom 1/4, or less, of the pedal travel and even then I'm not 100% is fully disengaged (drive shafts can be heard to move, although...
  16. dave medlyn

    Clutch brain ache!!

    Just starting my own thread about my clutch problems, and not hijacking someone else's thread!! pulled the box out again but I'm not seeing what's wrong. The clunk that I am hearing is, I think, the slave push rod hitting the back of the bell housing?? How can that happen? Everything has gone...
  17. D

    Clutch flywheel noise TD5

    I have just had the clutch release bearing and clutch changed having had screeching noises. They are now gone but when the engine is cold and you depress the clutch you can hear what sounds like the thrust bearing running slightly. Could this be the dual mass flywheel? But it all goes quiet when...
  18. T

    Td4 dual mass to solid flywheel conversion..opinions??

    cant seem to find much on the forums about this? anyone got experience of this on the hippo? i found a nice looking td4 that needs a clutch and wondered if conversion is the way to go. i have fitted loads of solid flywheel conversions to the fords over the years with only one comeback for a...
  19. F

    How Do I? Clutch pivot post proloem - Defender 110

    I am a new member here and thought I'd introduce myself and see if I could get a problem answered all in one. I share a tidy defender 110 with a buddy for fishing trips. It's a daily drive for him. It's a recent auction buy after the last Defender (minter) was pitched from this drive. B**t****...
  20. C

    Problem rmoving old pipes from Concentrict Slave cylinder

    Hi, I am in the middle of changing the clutch and dual mass fly wheel on my 51 plate TD4. I have got to the point where I need to reconnect the pipe that runs from the resoviour to the concentric slave cylinder, but acnt remove the old coupling from the end of the pipe where it fits onto the...
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