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  1. J

    300 Tdi Coolant leak

    Evening all, Just spent the afternoon replacing the water pump and gasket, aswell as the P gasket after having a coolant leak from the general area. However, on refilling the system and bleeding any air I still have a leak from the bottom of the water pump, even though I used both a cardboard...
  2. C

    discovery 2 2002 top radiator hot, bottom cold

    Hello, On my Discovery 2, 2002 top of the radiator is hot, bottom is cold (not cooler than the top, but literally cold) after any time of driving. Same for coolant hoses - bottom one coming from the radiator into the thermostat is cold, top ones hot and pressurized. Not swelling but fairly...
  3. G

    Air lock on TD5 Discovery 2 coolant loss

    Hi I have a TD5 Discovery 2. It was bought recently and is overheating. It is also using lots of coolant (water) I found that there were several coolant leaks associated with the top hose. Where the hose is connected to the engine the spring clip had broken but was lodged in place. I replaced...
  4. A

    Correct coolant for 3.9 V8

    Hello, Can anybody give me a straight answer as to the coolant that should be in my 1990 Range Rover Classic 3.9? I understand about various inhibitors that combat corrosion in these aluminium-based engines. I had my coolant flushed and changed and a well-known 4x4 garage said, glibly, that...
  5. S

    Head gasket saver on k series 1.8 engines

    As you probably know I have a freelander 1.8 in some serious need of tlc, i currently have the head stripped off the poor girl and Its looking good that the head is not warped, but I don't have the prrt mod yet, so I was wondering where can I get the grey prt that runs a little cooler as all I...
  6. G

    Defender Td5 coolant change

    Hi all, I have a 2002 Td5 which is due a service. I haven't changed the coolant in the 7 years I've owned it, as there is a sticker in the engine bay which says something like, 'Land Rover Coolant: do not drain'. I'm starting to get the feeling that I should change it, as I change our...
  7. W

    Freelander td4 2004 radiator fan cuts in at 65c and coolant never goes above 80

    Hi All, As the title explains, I have a 2004 Freelander s Td4 with a/c 115k on the clock :freelander:. When the engine coolant reaches 65c the radiator cooling fan comes on at a low/mid speed and stays on (way before it should do). The coolant temp dash gauge (when at 80c) reads half way as it...
  8. P

    Freelander 2 Coolant Top-up

    Can anyone advise me on how often I should expect to top up the coolant on my Freelander 2. It is seven months old and I have had it less than a month. I have done about 250 miles town driving in it so far and the coolant level has fallen from the mid point between max and min to the min point...
  9. S

    How Do I? Water system re-plumbing - Series IIa with 2.5L petrol defender engine

    Hi All, Please help! My engine has some interesting heat characteristics which have lead me to look into whether there is something up with the coolant system - when I looked in a Haynes manual and started working through I noticed that the expansion tank is intended to have a constant flow...
  10. S

    Oil Cooler or head gasket-really need advice.

    I live in Greece so no local Land rover parts available. Yesterday after driving for 45 min the car lost a lot of power when accelerating. I noticed the temp gauge was at 3/4 way. I pulled in within 1 min. The top hose had burst, plus there was grey oil gunk all over the top of the engine. I...
  11. Timdawg

    Coolant leak and random loss of power

    Hi, I've been experiencing random power loss in my TD5 - particulary when the engine is being made to work a bit hard (e.g. hard acceleration or driving up a steep hill). The engine doesn't over-rev (sits at around 3k rpm), just loses power and makes a louder-than-normal clatter. The problem...
  12. impstar

    Leaking pipes

    Afternoon all, Sorry for lacking knowledge, usually in Series Forum but........... Just recued my boss as coolant leaking out of 2000 (V) TD5, ran it straight to garage and left it there. Just got call to say there is a double metal pipe that runs coolant under the vehicle and that has...
  13. L

    TD5 leaking coolant

    Hi, I have 1999 Defender with a td5, and I see that I lose about 100ml of coolant every time I start the engine from cold. When the engine is hot, it does not lose any coolant. There is pressure in the coolant system when it is cold. I do not see white smoke. I assume that there is a problem...
  14. P

    disco 2 v8:new coolant pipes to heater matrix - does the direction make a difference?

    My independent replaced the coolant pipes from the engine to the heater matrix with plain off-the-shelf coolant pipes, but the direction has been reversed. The original pipes have a funny cross in them, and the pipes cross before going to the heater matrix. Will this make a difference? Is the...

    HGF on a 4.6 - time for a new engine. What should I buy?

    Hello lovely people. This time it's serious. Water dropplets coming from exhaust, on both banks and a header tank that looks like a pint of beer (badly poured at that). A fountain of foam coming from the header tank cap, erratic heating and a firm top hose. So either HGF, cracked block...
  16. H

    Coolant leaking into car under carpet? Disco 2.

    Hi, I have just purchased a Land Rover Discovery 2 a noticed its leaking Coolant. Ive noticed it is running into the car under both the passenger and drivers side carpets (pulled it back and its wet under there?). I can also see it dripping from under the car onto the ground (approx level with...
  17. T

    Air Pressure at oil filler cap / Airlocks?

    Hello all, A couple of questions from a Newbie, please. I've just changed the water pump on my 97 300TDi Disco. After refilling coolant and bringing motor up to normal temperature I noticed that the top rad hose was not hot, and doesn't seem to be full of water. Filled as Haynes told me and am...
  18. R

    Do you think its the headgasket????

    Hi y'all, I have a 98 Series 1 Disco (3.9 V8). The thing overheated the other day and when I stopped and let it cool down, topped the coolent up, it seemed fine. When I rev the engine the coolent level rises and falls. What do you reckon? I am now slowly losing coolant - but no leak...
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