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  1. Pedro Fidalgo

    problem in cooling electric circuit / presentation

    Hello my name is Pedro and Im Portuguese ( sorry by my english). hi have a series 3 2.25 diesel 88. The problem is that even with the car turned off and the cold engine the temperature gauge goes to red (hot). I've changed the voltage regulator and all the cables and I've put 3 different...
  2. GertJan

    Series 3, 200 (t)DI cooling problem

    After installation of the 200 (t)DI in Milady Landy we went up and down to Morocco and noticed temperature issue. In the mean time we have done a considerable amout of work, a new (larger) radiator, new hoses, disassembled head, replaced valve seats, replaced thermostat. Yesterday I installed a...
  3. S


    Okay. I have a Defender with a 300tdi from a Discovery recently transplanted. It runs well and does not appear to overheat. However, the expansion header tank fills to the brim with coolant and the top of the radiator empties. I've bled the system through and replaced the expansion tank. No...
  4. G

    Freelander v6 cooling (again)

    I have a V6 2002 auto with cooling problems, but very wierd. About 6 weeks ago she started blowing steam and air out of the expansion tank so a new thermostat and plastic pipes and coolant sensor were fitted and a new expansion tank and black ratchet cap. We did a sniff test and it is clear. The...
  5. M

    Bypassing IRD Cooler?

    One of my Freelanders has a water leak from the IRD cooler. Is it possible to bypass this without causing any damage? I've heard to replace the cooler, the IRD needs removed but I haven't time at the moment to do this.
  6. L

    Help!!! Is it My Head or What???

    Hi all, please could anyone offer a theory for my disco 300tdi! Sorry for long post! :rolleyes: A few weeks ago after a reletively long run, I pulled up to water pi**in from the beast! Looked like it was coming from the expansion tank cap! As was in a rush, left it over night, topped up the...
  7. d.vernon

    Td5 Just Overheated, won't start!!

    Hi All, Had the 4x4 caravan hooked headed for Pilansberg Game Reserve, half way I lost all the water. Heater pipe had been plugeed and the plug came out! Luckiliy we were towed back home by a Defender (Puma). Thanks Simon! Ok what next? I've plugged the pipe again filled up with water...
  8. B

    Fitting a Kenlowe heater

    Our TD5 Disco takes about 7 miles before any heat is felt inside the car these colder mornings, rather than shiver I've ordered a Kenlowe heater to preheat the engine. However the plumbing on the TD5 is quite complex so I'm after a little advise as to the best place to fit the heater and where...
  9. sameuinton

    why is my Defender radiator cold?

    I've noticed that my 300TDi Defender radiator is cold, even after a twenty mile drive with a horse trailer on. Temp gauge reads normal except for two minute-long episodes in the last year when it just touched "hot". Top hose and expansion tank are hot. Engine runs fine, not losing coolant. I...
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