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cylinder head

  1. P

    Determining Series Compression Ratio

    I have just bought a LR that seems to be a bit of a hybrid of Series 2a and 3. The engine number is 902xxxxxx indicating a Series3 petrol 2286cc - 8:1 CR 3-bearing. However the Cylinder head has a part number on it of 525183 indicating that it is a 1962 to 1967 - 7:1 CR Am I missing...
  2. D

    cylinder head oil pipe

    I recently removed the head from the 2.25L petrol engine in my Series 3. There is an oil pipe from the block to the head at the rear. When I got the engine back together, oil was leaking from that pipe where it attaches to the head. I could find no torque specifications for the bolt and so had...
  3. S

    2.25L Cylinder Head removal

    I've got a 2.25L Non Leaded Petrol engine with a suspect head gasket - so the head needs to come off. Only one problem, I can't get the head off! Any advice? I've gone through the normal removal of aircleaner, exhaust/intake manifolds, rocker cover off, rocker shaft off, push rod outs & spark...
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