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defender 110

  1. J

    110 C pillar crack

    Hi everyone, I have a 1997 110 Defender. The C Pillar on the right side has a crack, shown in the attached image. What repairs options do I have? Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Defender Td5 start engine problem!

    hello all, i have a defender 2001 td5. morning when it's cold from 0 to 5 degrees engine starts without problems. after half an hour of travel a point came, I stopped, I turned off the engine and it didn't start anymore. I noticed that. when I travel a lot and it warms up the engine well...
  3. J

    Black smoke, Lumpy idle and Engine management D:

    I was driving along today going to work with some water in big containers, one fell over so I pulled over and picked it up and got the water out and realised the engine management light was on! Drove to my destination, did my days work, then on the way home no dashboard light at first but then...
  4. G

    Import to France?

    Hello. New to the forum. Unfortunately my lovely wife had an accident and rolled our 90 so it was a write off. We live in France and I would like to look at getting a 110 TD 5 or 4 if the budget is right. The reason for the post is - does anyone have a recent experience post Brexit of importing...
  5. F


    Of all the years loving my Defender it’s been stolen last night (Saturday - 28/05/22) from Broughton Street/Cannonmills area Edinburgh Very distinctive 2007 KESWICK GREEN LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 DOUBLE CAB PICK UP - SY07 SVX I know the likely hood of ever seeing it again is slim but if I share...
  6. M

    Buying a defender

    Hi all, very new to the forum and new to Land Rovers. All my life I have driven little crummy cars and dreamed of owning a defender. Despite the fact this might be a poor choice, I can’t help it! Anyway, I want to get a 90 or 110, I don’t mind but I am leaning towards the 90 more. I have...
  7. D

    Factory new Defender 110, pulls to left when driving.

    Today is Sunday, we picked up our factory new Defender 110 from the dealer on Friday afternoon. Driven about 120 miles so far. This is a left-hand drive vehicle as we live in Germany. When driving at about 100 km/h the vehicle pulls to the left slightly and one has to constantly counter-steer to...
  8. S

    Defender none starter

    Hi 👋 I’m new to these forums, so bare with me. First of all I’m working on a 2009 2.4 110 puma defender after some1 else has started a let’s say mess. The truck has no door panels, (been stripped out) none of the centra locking works (do they have it on a basic model) the alarm fob does...
  9. C

    Body work help!

    Dear All To cut a long story short, my beautiful LandRover 110 (2014) was squashed in a low level underground car park. As a result, there is quite a bit of damage to the rear left hand side of the roof and the top of the rear boot panel has buckled (see photos - please don't laugh). In...
  10. michhross

    Total newbie to Defender restoration, help?!

    So my father and I have recently bought a 1988 Defender 110. We both have a large amount of mechanical knowledge but with both of us being new to the restoration scene and looking to not go for nuts-and-bolts restoration and instead find the middle ground for the functionality we need from it...
  11. Lighting90

    Recall Notice R/2017/196 - Land Rover Defender 90, 110 & 130

    Vehicle Details Reference : R/2017/196 Manufacturer Ref : N064 Make: LAND ROVER Model : Defender 90, Defender 110 & Defender 130 Launch Date : 31/07/2017 Numbers Involved : 1178 Build Start Date : 24/10/2014 Build End Date : 05/01/2015 Recall Details Concern : SUDDEN LOSS OF BRAKE...
  12. mazzofab

    200/300 Tdi turbo replacement

    I need to replace the turbo on my 200tdi Defender. Is here any replacement that will be a straight fit int? What options do I have, maybe by buying a replacement from a scrap yard? Also, I have the same problem with a 300 tdi so same questions apply. Thanks and regards to all!
  13. D

    Crazy Hight Temperature Problem Defender TD5

    I would ask for your help more urgently as possible. My 2005 Defender TD5 has me crazy and I can not give the reason for the problem. Here I describe everything that has been done and the symptoms to see if there's anything I've missed or have not done well to solve the problem. The normal...
  14. G

    Will a rear ladder fit next to the work light

    Hi all, could someone tell me the space needed along the top gutter when fitting part Model #: STC50417(Rear ladder with integrated light guard) The previous owner has fitted a rear work light on the panel at the top left corner of the door, which I think might be in the way of the gutter...
  15. R

    Expired RHD to LHD Kit Wanted

    Hi All, I'm looking to swap my 1999 Defender 110 from a RHD to LHD. If anyone wants to do the reverse, contact me to swap. Or, if you have any extra parts for LHD conversion, let me know! Thanks! Ransom Vehicle is in the UK.
  16. Fender110

    Expired Defender 110 Commercial For Sale

    For Sale My Land Rover Defender 110 Commercial 300 TDI 1994 in a fetching (!) grey with a white roof 126,000 miles. I have owned it for 4 years and bought it with 110,000 on so it's had a pretty easy time in that period. I use it for taking a dirt bike to races so it has really been used 'on...
  17. S

    V5 Defender Vehicle Decription

    Just a quick question whether anyone can point me to a list of correct V5 vehicle descriptions for Defender models. It appears that insurance companies like the vehicle to match their decritption on the computer which I assume comes from the V5 to avoid additional premiums for "modified...
  18. A

    noise when selecting gears?

    hi all, got my first land rover last week (2003 defender td5 110 hardtop 52k). I have drove a few land rovers many years ago and don't recall a noise which you also feel through the pedal. its when you select a gear, normally 1st or 2nd and you hit the biting point. instead of a smooth pull away...
  19. D

    4.2 V8 Water Pump Dimensions - Can anyone help please?

    Hi - I wondered if anyone could help me by measuring the dimension of their water pump for me? I have a Defender V8 EFI conversion. When I last came around to fixing the water pump, I found I had the 3.5 water pump unit fitted to the 4.2engine. This is ok, as the alternator belt ran correctly...
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