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defender 90 td5

  1. C

    Defender - Best Rust Removal Techniques (On Screws / Joints etc)

    Hi LR friends! Looking for advice as of the best ‘grease’ / scrubbing techniques and products to keep my Heritage’s joints as neat as possible. Any advice would be appreciated! Many thanks.
  2. T

    Defender 90 TD5 Rear inward facing seat installation issue

    Evening all, I'm a newbie to the forum so I hope this is posted in the right section :D I have fitted 3 rear inward facing seats in the back of my TD5 landy. I have one last seat to fit (rear right-hand) except I cannot fit the bracket for the seat back due to the position of the fuel...
  3. R

    Another Defender to RR / Disco dilemma / rant

    Maybe it's an age thing but I keep having recurring thoughts about swapping my '52 TD5 90 XS for a LR with a few more creature comforts ie Disco / Range Rover. I still love the 90 (as a weekend toy) but remembering the last two winters - lack of a decent heater and doors that won't shut when the...
  4. DiscoDaveIRL

    Greetings From Ireland

    Well Guys, Im just signed up on here, currently driving a Defender 90 TD5 shes ex ESB (Electricity Supply Board) and bright shade of yellow. Got it mid September after a tough winter last winter i wanted another 4x4. Having previously had a 200tdi Discovery. So thats my story. Hopefully i'll...
  5. M

    Starting out

    Hello, I currently have an L200, but have had the bug to get a Defender for ages and out the L200. Having done alittle research, budget permitting I think the TD5 engine is the best to get - correct me if I am wrong please. I am after a 90 - don't mind if it is pick up style, enclosed or...
  6. R

    Disco Dilemma... what to buy...advice please.

    Hi, Anybody have an idea what my Defender TD5 90XS might be worth. It is on a '52 plate with only 29,000 miles (it's only used for high days and holidays). Truth is, although I still like driving it we are finding it less and less comfortable so a late (LR approved) Discovery 2 sprang to mind...
  7. S

    hello from brizzle.

    hi there peeps,just joined up so tiz only polite to say ello,ELLO.had couple of disco's over past year but not practical for work so now onto defender 90 td5,what a beast,i loves it like a fat kid loves cake!!see ya'll around. sam
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