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diff lock

  1. T

    Did early 300tdi have a diff lock indicator?

    I'm in the process of buying an early (1994) 300tdi. Currently, the diff lock indicator does not illuminate although the diff lock is operational. The dealer says that early 300's did not have the indicator light and this would be confirmed if i talked to LR themselves. Is this true or am I...
  2. W

    2 wheel drive on diff lock?

    Had to be recovered by AA yesterday, front prop shaft "fell off" AA guy said put it in diff lock and I would get home using 2 wheel drive! Did not do that, but does anyone know if it would work?
  3. T

    defender 110 1998 will not go into diff lock?

    Hi I passed my driving test last winter and april this year my parents defender got back from getting a galvanized chassis. When off-roading one day i got stuck and went for the diff lock which moved over but would not engage :( the light does not come on on the dash ether. my parents said they...
  4. R

    Transfer box and diff lock guidance needed???

    Please help! I have a defender 90 200 TDI, LT77 Gearbox and LT230 transfer box. 3rd gear couldn't be selected so I did a straight exchange through Ashcroft Transmissions, but something doesn't seem right. I've left the prop shafts disconnected to help me understand what's going on. Here's the...
  5. paultoghill

    Disco 1 diff lock lever, which part is actually seized up?

    Which part of the lever which operates the diff lock is seized up? I have felt all of the bits and there is just a tiny bit of movement in it. Thanks for your help from Paul.
  6. I

    Diff problem

    Hi everyone, just bought a 1995 discovery 2.5 auto diesel but cannot get the diff lock out of high ratio. Anyone help!!!
  7. Sgt Smith

    Stage 1,109" V8 = Whats missing?

    Hello all, I have recently bought a Stage 1 ,109",V8 - like all newly aquired Series vehicles,it has a few problems' :eek:....these are listed below: 1) on top of the air intake / filter -in the centre of the top circle,there is a small outlet,which looks like it should have a thin (vacuum?)...
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