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  1. K

    Sound from diff

    Bit off back storey was 4wd and got wheel loft them had a noise in the front diff area. Note: ● doesn't make the noise in full 4wd and both wheels spinning ● doesn't make the noise in 2wd with hubs in 2wd ● DOES make the noise in 2WD with the Hubs locked Video is a few seconds long but...
  2. O

    Defender 90 td5 / final drive / diff

    Anyone refurbish final drives? Or can point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. J

    R380 oil change

    Got a 300tdi 1996. Which I’ve had for a few years, now but it’s in desperate need for a gearbox oil and transfer box oil change. for the gearbox I was going to replace what’s in their with mtf94 as from what I’ve read that’s the best stuff. Problem is I don’t know what’s in their at the moment...
  4. H

    D2 Noise from transfer box when spinning front wheel

    Hi, i have a problem a really need help with. I have a 2002 D2 td5 commercial with a manual gear box, no center diff Lock. Done 216000 miles. From the front end she started making a solid knocking noise at random times. Even though once started the knock appeared to be road speed...
  5. M

    Droning noise from rear.

    Just a bit of advice needed. My Freelander has a droning, bearing like noise from the rear. Wasn't too bad when I bought it but getting worse. I have removed the complete propshaft assembly but the noise is still present. Mileage is 174,000 and I have no evidence of the vcu having been changed...
  6. M

    General Salisbury/Jag LSD.

    Has anyone ever fitted, or knows of a Jaguar LSD into a Salisbury axle? I have heard of it being done but have never seen it or know for sure if its possible . . .
  7. L

    Wow! 3.54 Diffs - now what?

    Bought some 3.54 diffs from a forum member a couple of weeks ago (Wally - a gentleman and a pleasure to meet). What a difference. Firstly the fuel economy - my weekly commute is about 110 miles from the Fylde to Shropshire, around half of which is on the M6. With the 4.7 diffs I'd be pushing it...
  8. Pollywog

    Differential Housing Differences

    I have 2 spare 4.7:1 diffs that look a little different to what I'm used to in that they have no flat surface on the bottom. Would they be early diffs, Series 2 perhaps? They both have '539708 Rover 8' cast on them but one has an 'F5' on it the other 'F10'.
  9. nzrover

    Series III 109 Diff-Lock light connection

    Hi there, I have an Ex-Army 1982 Series 3 109. We found some mud the other weekend and I realized that the Diff-Lock light was not lighting up. After working through light bulbs, vacuum tubes I found that the wire that connects to the console light has come off. I can't work out were this...
  10. SkUG

    Hello again - oops i broke it!

    Driving along, o0 gearbox feeling a little loose... hmm arrive home & the gearstick comes off in hand doh! *remove leather gaitor* has a look - o0 my knobs fallen off (fnar fnar), time to fix it...nope cant get the spanner in (o0 i say)... righty i say... remove the gearbox tunnel... nope...
  11. H

    Taking apart the diff?

    I am currently restoring my land rover v6 pickup, and I noticed that the diff is leaking something. I think I should take it apart and clean it out or at least see what is inside. However I have not the faintest idea of what it looks like inside or whether I should even be taking it apart:o! if...
  12. T

    Diff swap options for Series 3

    Hi. I have a 1982 series 3 petrol- i was just wondering what the diff swapping options are. I have heard that you can put range rover/disco/defender/90 diffs in the series 3 rover axle. Is this true? I read somewhere that a rover p6 diff fits in? DOes this improve fuel MPG? I dont want to up...
  13. J

    Rookie needs help on a diff

    Hi, new landy owner, and new to all of this. Not sure Im lovin the experience as much as I should be, but hey bought the thing so I could fix the thing so.......... Rear diff was replaced with a rebuilt before I got it.........Now the front diff has gone. I got the diff off, and went to put...
  14. Satancom

    Repair Guide Changing A Diff

    After some enthusiastic off roading I lost drive to the front axle, assuming it was just the half shaft I didn't anticipate a large job. How wrong I was. This article assumes you have already removed both half shafts from the axle and drained the oil from the diff. Articles on how to remove...
  15. Satancom

    Repair Guide Diff Pinion Oil Seal

    Replacing the diff pinion oil seal on a rover axle is fairly straight forward, however removing the old oil seal turned into a bit of a mission for me, which is where having a SII diff became an advantage. First step is to remove the front prop,if you have free wheeling hubs you can disengage...
  16. gpw7

    Bent Diff flange

    HI, Received a recon rear Diff for my 110 yesterday from Ashcroft Transmissions - all looked good until I came to connect the prop, one corner of the flange is bent :( making the bolt go through at an angle - managed to tighten it up and squeeze the gap down to less than 5mm, question is...
  17. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear Diff

    I have a leak on my rear diff, i will replace the seal but looking on microcat there are all sorts of other small things in the diff, is it worth replacing any of these at the same time? Cheers Matt
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