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  1. M

    Droning noise from rear.

    Just a bit of advice needed. My Freelander has a droning, bearing like noise from the rear. Wasn't too bad when I bought it but getting worse. I have removed the complete propshaft assembly but the noise is still present. Mileage is 174,000 and I have no evidence of the vcu having been changed...
  2. barondeblot

    Disc / Bearing Change Dry Half Shaft on Discovery 1 97 300 tdi

    Having read the 3 part procedures with excellent pictures by Gas Gas Ohlins https://www.lrukforums.com/showthread.php/170094-Fitting-Disco-pads-and-discs-Part-1-of-3?highlight=Fitting+Disco+pads+discs...+Part I have started to change the discs and bearings on our 97 300tdi. To my horror the...
  3. H

    Transmission / Differential question - 2WD or 4WD?

    Hello, new to Land Rover forum - thought this would be a question for you classic Rangerover buffs... are they permanent 4WD??? I have a 1968 109" land rover which is ex RAF. It has been fitted with full rangerover running gear - year unknown but it is a 3.5 V8 with carbs... So, I thought it...
  4. L

    Front Diff Seal? Idea's?

    Hi folks, if anyone has any further idea's I'd appreciate them. Out of the blue a day ago, my disco1, 300tdi, Manual, started juddering/vibrating. :eek:. This seems to be happening only when driving and in gear, so not an engine issue. Not really noticable in 1st, a little in second, loads in...
  5. H

    Taking apart the diff?

    I am currently restoring my land rover v6 pickup, and I noticed that the diff is leaking something. I think I should take it apart and clean it out or at least see what is inside. However I have not the faintest idea of what it looks like inside or whether I should even be taking it apart:o! if...
  6. T

    Diff swap options for Series 3

    Hi. I have a 1982 series 3 petrol- i was just wondering what the diff swapping options are. I have heard that you can put range rover/disco/defender/90 diffs in the series 3 rover axle. Is this true? I read somewhere that a rover p6 diff fits in? DOes this improve fuel MPG? I dont want to up...

    transmission noise + vibration

    I have develped a squeaking noise coming from the transmission under slight load. I have a 4.6 P38 1998 (R plate) It sounds like tweeting birds, (digga-digga-digga-digga) like a dry bearing. It's not all that loud - It seems to be most noticable at about 30 MPH, and I don't think it is engine...
  8. J

    Rookie needs help on a diff

    Hi, new landy owner, and new to all of this. Not sure Im lovin the experience as much as I should be, but hey bought the thing so I could fix the thing so.......... Rear diff was replaced with a rebuilt before I got it.........Now the front diff has gone. I got the diff off, and went to put...
  9. D

    69 series IIa rear end differential

    Does anyone know the best way to remove the rear differential from the axle while it is on the vehicle? I have a 1969 series IIa and when I turn the driveline on the rear differential, there is movement on the rear axles/wheels (any ideas?). I thought I would take out the 12 nuts that are...
  10. greenbert

    Knocking from front diff

    I was very excited on Saturday. It was the first trip out in the landy for some time, and the first time I would properly try it in 4x4. (I recently replaced the rear diff because it didn't match the front diff.) I travelled some 100km 2x4, free wheeling front hubs engaged. I stopped for fuel...
  11. R

    Army Spec 2007 Disco Limited Slip Differential

    I'm updating a 79 Range Rover, and have bought heavy duty axles that came off a 2007 military spec discovery used by the Kenyan Army. It has front and rear limited slip differentials. I uploaded a picture of the rear. I'm trying to get details on the diff. Does anyone know what kind of diff it...
  12. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear Diff

    I have a leak on my rear diff, i will replace the seal but looking on microcat there are all sorts of other small things in the diff, is it worth replacing any of these at the same time? Cheers Matt
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