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disco 1

  1. N

    1998 Disco 1 commercial - first project

    Hi All, new to the forum - be kind I have a limited opportunity to purchase a 1998 Disco 1 commercial and looking for some advise.. Its a high mileage engine but what should I be on the look out for other than rust and the rear chassis? What kind of price range would you expect to pay if in...
  2. minifreek

    MASSIVE Wheel Arch kits or Discover 1(1995) - 5 door models

    Hello I am new to this forum. I am wanting to put wheel spacers on my 1995 Disco and lift the height of it in order to put larger and fatter tires (tyres) on it. I have seen pictures of others who have done this on Pinterest and they have these MASSIVE wheel arch kits on them. As I live here in...
  3. K

    Yet another non starter 300TDi

    Hi all, I bought a 1994 300TDi Auto as a non starter. Previous owner says it just stopped while driving and wouldn't start again. Initially had no power to the stop solenoid or glow plugs as well as no resistance on the lift pump priming handle. The battery was also completely dead. The...
  4. N

    evening ppl some advice please

    hi been working on the disco last month we put a new cam belt on and replaced push rods that got bent, done the timing and checked tapit gaps however still having an issue with smoke and acting like battery is dead unless you start it by spanner on the starter. Any ideas please sorry j reg...
  5. D

    1998 300Tdi Rear Fog lights

    Hi, I've a problem with my rear fog lights, they don't work! The switch is the non-latching type. I've tried a new switch, no luck, and checked the relay behind the passenger foot well which seems to work. I can get the fogs to light if I short out the supply & load wires behind the switch...
  6. B

    Disco 1 1990 3.5 V8 starting issue

    4 weeks ago, I had this problem where car would start fine in the mornings & when I dropped kids off on the school run, would not restart, or would do, then fail at a junction & then not restart. Engine turns over fine, but with my little plug lead checker, indicates no spark getting to plugs...
  7. A

    300tdi auto disco no power

    hi, this is my first post so bear with me. i recently had my timing belt go at 70mph, i have been very lucky in the only damage seems to have been the pushrods. however when i have been on a journey if i stop then start up again within an hour or so it goes up to 1000rpm smokes a bit and does...
  8. SiPeace

    How Do I? Unidentified Caliper (er.. and rest of axle)

    Hello chaps, I have what reg says is a 1971 Series2A SWB, with running gear/sus/steering from a 1994 Disco1 (200TdI etc) and a defender front end all bolted to a newer galv chassis. Seems it might be even more of a Heinz 57 job... it needs new front calipers, but the calipers on the vehicle (2...
  9. L

    How Do I? Clutch Still Not Working

    Hi folks, Does anyone please have any ideas?..... ....I have just changed the clutch on my 300tdi. All went relatively well and I was really looking forward to jumping in and going for a run out!!! However, my plans were shattered when I tried the clutch and it still is not working!But it...
  10. G

    To Patch or Change Boot Floor Panel?

    Hello, here are a couple of pictures of my rusty Disco boot floor. Apart from the hole shown the rest of the floor is solid. Is it ok to just patch it up? Will it be pass MOT?
  11. 9

    few questions head gaskets and tyres?!?

    hi guys back on here again having had no internet for ages. just have couple questions. has anyone had experience with a cheap head gasket? i did mine on my 300tdi disco last year and opted (maybe stupidly) for a cheaper gasket and now some of the same dreaded symtoms have started to appear...
  12. L

    Front Diff Seal? Idea's?

    Hi folks, if anyone has any further idea's I'd appreciate them. Out of the blue a day ago, my disco1, 300tdi, Manual, started juddering/vibrating. :eek:. This seems to be happening only when driving and in gear, so not an engine issue. Not really noticable in 1st, a little in second, loads in...
  13. nickyc86

    How Do I? Lifted discovery 1 300tdi ( 2" dislocation cones rubbing strut)

    just lifted my disco 1 300 tdi two inces "paddocks kit procomp shocks and britpart springs" couple of questions , 1. suspension struts are extremly close to axels , the thread seems longer than standard , how tight are these meant to be , normally i do shocks as tight as can get but it...
  14. D

    How Do I? i need some help about tyres on a discovery 1

    i want to buy some 235 70 16 insa turbo sahara tyres for my 300tdi discovery but i was told the other day that they wouldnt fit in less i cut the wheel arches out or jacked it up 2" . is this true?
  15. R

    Transfer box swap?

    Will a transfer box off a 200 tdi 1992 manual with the old type gearbox go onto an R 380 gearbox in a 1995 300tdi commercial? If so are there any modifications necessary, I know it has the old type handbrake cable and rod assembly but is the input the same for both boxes? Many thanks Dave
  16. B

    I think I have been tucked up!

    Just brought a disco 1 3.9 lpg, all fine and good when I drove it back from coventry to watford. But the next day it would not change out of 1st gear (its automatic). Now it only changes out of 1st when its warmed up, does any one now what could be the problem.
  17. P

    Need some help!!!

    I have a 300Tdi Disco - It has developed a shudder between 10 and 40 mph in all gears, but only when the engine is under load - i.e when it is powering the road wheels, disengage the clutch or come off gas when going down a hill at same speed and shudder stops. It used to smoke quite a bit when...
  18. D

    Disco 1 300tdi grinding/clunking/squeak very loud noise HELP!

    For a while now i have been hearing a squeaky whiny noise comming from my front right wheel i believed so i assumed the pads were rubbing on the disk or needed changing, this fixed the problem for a while but now it has come back. and now.... yesterday while driving up to Sheffield from...
  19. landii

    Central Locking Again

    Sorry for yet another - Disco 1 central locking saga.... But if you can post ideas to help me then thank you. Disco 1 - ES 5 door with Alarm: Central locking works intermittently. I have taken the door apart and visually checked the actuator, microswitch operation and the door mechanism. I...
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