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discovery 1

  1. D

    Does my Disco1 have cats?

    Help the idiot! Can anyone say from the age or VIN of my Discovery 1 if it has catalytic converters or not? After almost 15 years of sitting in the garage, it’s time to get the 1990 3.5 V8 EFI road worthy again and just ordered a bunch of parts, including a non cat exhaust. But now I started...
  2. E

    ‘93 3.5 EFI Revs surging on start up

    Hi all, I have just replaced the camshaft on my 1993 EFI 3.5 V8 discovery. During this I have completely stripped down and cleaned up the plenum also. After rebuilding, I have started up for the first time and the revs surge up to 3k + revs immediately after starting up. Sometimes the revs...
  3. D

    Low fuel light always ON

    Hi all :) Vehicle: Disco 1 200td 1993. Low fuel light came on and is staying on, even when tanks is full. Gauge level is working fine. Bypassed sender, gauged marked 'full', but low fuel light still on. Wire connection to sender is 3 wires (+ground). But upon dismantling of sender, found out...
  4. D

    LT77 and Clutch. Disco 200tdi

    Hi all. Would like to ask if its normal, when you have manual gearbox on neutral (free), is it normal that the output shaft is spinning? This happen also with the clutch pedal pressed. I could stop shaft spinning by hand. But with a bit of force.
  5. N

    Disco I Passenger window not working

    Hi, I have a late 2dr Disco I V8, the passenger electric window is unresponsive. I tried removing and inspecting the circuit board in the passenger footwell and it looked fine, no bad solder connections visible? What shall I try next, the switch or the mechanism in the door? Any suggestions or...
  6. Discog

    Expired Disco 300TDI front wing + dog guard for sale

    Hi all, I sadly parted with my 300TDi a while back and have been having a loft clearout - I have a few bits which others here would probably find useful: Dog guard As far at I know this is a genuine item, follow this link for pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/4cTFXJqJJRaYhF5d6 In the pictures...
  7. L

    Replacing the roof lining

    Hi all just wondered if anyone had replaced their roof lining? Did you get material or use something else? My D1 roof lining is sagging and detaching along the front windscreen end! Getting covered in dry foam bits! Thanks John.
  8. P

    Do I have a gearbox problem

    Hi, I just bought a '95 V8 Discovery. The engine runs like a clock. I can't get the Disco to move. Shifting gears and moving between Lo and Hi feels like positive shifts but no power gets transferred from the engine to the gearbox. The the transfer box and the gearbox engage on the driveshaft...
  9. RAWV8

    Expired * for sale *landrover discovery 1 1992 3.5 v8 efi taxed & mot'd

  10. W

    Expired Discovery 200tdi rear seats for 3 door. Sussex/ Surrey

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent full set of rear seats with belts and all fixings for a 200tdi/ Discovery 1. Preferably in brown cloth rather than blue, but I can't be choosy at this point. I'll happily do any unbolting, I'm near Haywards Heath but will travel if anyone's got a decent dead Disco...
  11. C

    1996 TD1 300 replacing rear door hinges

    Hi, The plastic washers in both the rear door hinges have worn through and the door has been dropping for a couple f weeks now. So much so that the plastic striker plate has started to wear badly where it comes into contact with the guide plate on the door. I have ordered a pair of new hinges...
  12. W

    Discovery I P plate ES Auto - Rumble off the offside rear wheel

    Hi, I have a P plated ES Auto Discovery I, and I'm getting a worrying rumble/grinding off of the offside rear wheel. I've been told it can either be the rear diff playing up, or the bearings, or the brakes.. I've had the brakes replaced recently so I don't think its that, but I'm not much of a...
  13. ggrupea

    side driving

    Hello everyone, I am a happy owner of a Land Rover Discovery Series 1, year 1997, color willow green. Some months ago I was driving in los andes mountains and crashed my right rear wheel into a rock. The result it was rim broken and the wheel a little bit turned out. when I drive I feel my landi...
  14. B

    Disco Front Window problems

    Ok Guys I am a landrover novice so (3.9 V8 M reg beast) I have read the threads about the windows, I even tried the fix where you solder the ECU. This worked great, however only fixed the back windows (Back never worked since i got it, the front ones did to start with) , the front windows do not...
  15. S

    had a bad week!!

    First off my Universal joint leading to rear diff went on me and replaced it.The same night it over heated so took faulty thermostat out and changed it few days later and did new belt and waterpump due to that on its way. Then Sunday my alternator ceased so changed and put new battery on. Only...
  16. C

    Driver and rear door lock problems on my 1996 Discovery 2.5l TDi.

    Hi - I hope someone can help me with a Disco door problem? I've owned a 1996 Discovery 2.5l TDi for 18 months and in the last couple of weeks have started to experience problems with both the driver and rear door. When unlocking with the remote the buttons pop up as you'd expect but neither...
  17. D

    How Do I? 1996 land rover discovery problem starting

    So I bought this car yesterday and fell in loveee with it. It's my first very own car and I'm just excited. The problem is that when I drive it, it's fine I guess but makes a weird noise like a teapot. It didn';t stop me from driving. When I parked to get it checked out by my dad the noise...
  18. barondeblot

    French MOT failure on front tyres only Disco 1, 300 Tdi ES - help please!!!

    Hi everybody, we are hoping that someone in this excellent LR forum might be able to assist us with what should hopefully be a simple answer regarding tyre specifications for the French MOT for a late 1997 Disco 1, 300 Tdi ES. We passed all the hurdles of the typical French bureaucracy to...
  19. barondeblot

    New Headlamps, clips breaking on Discovery 1

    Today I installed new Headlamps on our Disco 1 97 300tdi and unfortunately the 3 little plastic cup shaped clips on both headlights lost at least 1 segments each when I tâpped the units into position. I did not take the retaining clips out of the disco since I did not want to lose the height...
  20. barondeblot

    Oil cooler pipe change on Disco 1, Gofer / Teaperson needs a little advice....

    Having recently bought our first Discovery 1 I would like to change the oil cooler pipes. Is there a procedure to prevent oil losses or subsequent possible air locks in the engine? Many thanks for your help in advance. Kind regards Martin
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