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discovery 2

  1. gally182

    Land River Discovery 2 heater only working on full FIX*

    Hi guys my heater was only working on full blast, So I took the resistor out from the heater, if you pull your glove box down it’s up on the right, one screw holding it in and then pull the plug out. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures as it was dark. First off all take the 3 screws on the...
  2. gally182

    Work I’ve done since November

    Thought I’d just post some work I’ve done since I bought my first Land Rover at start of November. First of all I made a new wheel carrier as the old one was rotten and dangerous! So made one that is slightly higher so the bigger wheel clears the bumper. Next to tackle was the sunroofs! New...
  3. gally182

    Discovery 2 td5 electrical gremlins

    First post! Bit of a long one. The other day my alarm went off, Car locked itself and immobilised its self, got into the car with Eka and disabled the immobiliser on nanocom so that’s sorted. There was a little corrosion in the interior fuse box and I had a flashing B on my clocks and...
  4. R

    Discovery 2 TD5 no power

    Hello to you all from a newbie I have recently bought a 2002 D2 TD5 off road ready but MOT'd. Stage 2 with EGR delete. It has run OK since I bought it until a few weeks ago. I was off roading locally and there seemed to be very little power and it felt like it was about to stall and was very...
  5. R

    Vibration Pedal

    Hi all, not long bought a discovery 2 2003 with 128k miles on it, purchased it to build a fairly simple and stock overland setup. Currently only got mud terrains on stock suspension, bags have been replaced with springs on the rear and its a non factory ACE model. Have had a few outings in it...
  6. V

    Discovery 2 TD5, Misfiring and smoking

    Hi, I'm really stuck on what to do next on my Discovery 2 TD5 it developed a problem the other month, where it was smoking (Black Smoke) like mad and misfiring and not idling, but as soon as you went over 2k revs it was fine, but you had to sit there revving it to keep it going. so I changed...
  7. J

    Converting 7 seat disco 2 to springs

    Hi all, pretty sure this will have been covered elsewhere but can’t find anything. Looking at a disco 2 7 seater, great spec. But being a seven seater is obviously on airbags, in the past have owned 5 seaters and when the inevitable happened and airbags failed just converted to springs or they...
  8. M

    First discovery 2 project

    Bought my first discovery 2 td5 2003 yesterday , 7 seater , automatic with 150k , double sun roof , heated/electric seats. Ordered a few parts tonight and Reg plate to go on it TD52 MUK , where’s best for me to go for some exterior window guards for the back three windows , and some side steps &...
  9. R

    Dead battery, locked doors, ANGRY NEIGHBOURS!!!

    Hi everyone I'm new here. Bought a 2002 TD5 disco 2 on the weekend and the battery went flat tonight, jumped her back to breath then drove home, locked her and forgot my bag in the car, blip won't work to unlock her and its rather late, I'm also up early for work and would rather not set off the...
  10. C

    ACE banjo dimensions

    New here and in my Discovery II. Does anyone know the dimension of the banjo connectors on top of the rear ACE cylinder? Need to fix some parts and make new hoses. Thanks!
  11. L

    Landrover TD5 tyres...

    Just after some advise about a few things when it comes to tyres, I bought my 04 td5 disco about a year ago and it came on 245 70 16 insa turbo dakars And after a few miles they are ready to be replaced.So I’m looking for a new set, I’ll be honest my disco isn’t and off road monster it’ll mainly...
  12. D

    D2 CDL

    I've got a 2003 D2 that doesn't have the diff lock leaver but I've checked the transfer box serial number and appears by the prefix I do have the internals. Would a low/high leaver from a D2 that does have diff lock work on mine? Or would I still need to get the Ashcrofts leaver kit? Thanks!!
  13. S

    Disco 2 - swapping passenger and driver seats

    I have just bought a 2001 Discovery 2 that has a rather knackered drivers seat - rips and tears and damaged foam. I have looked everywhere for a replacement from seat or even an OEM cover and foam set but couldn't find anything - but I have found a good condition matching passenger seat. Has...
  14. L

    Discovery 2 td5 Hazards constantly on?

    I have a 2001 discovery 2 td5. Recently hazard light have decided to come on and wont switch off unless the battery or fuse is disconnected. I have already eliminated the inertia switch as fuel is still supplied to the engine and the engine still runs fine. all ECUs under glovebox compartment...
  15. C

    Plip ( keyfob ) not seen by Hawkeye

    Hi, I am trying to program my second key to my D2 with hawkeye. The hawkeye sees key nr1 no problem, but when I try to program the 2nd plip it says "no plip seen". Are there different frequencies for different regional plips or something? The hawkeye doesn't give me more info than this 'no...
  16. LR90 lad

    Expired For sale - Discovery 2 TD5 Auto – 2002 - 81000 miles - Dark blue

    For sale is our Disco 2 TD5 auto The vehicle is in good condition, mechanically very good, the body work has a few marks but nothing out of the ordinary. No engine or gearbox problems, although the Disco will need a new steering knuckle ball-joint before the next MOT and there is a small water...
  17. M

    Discovery Series 2 (Year 2000) V8 Petrol - trouble with the engine

    Hi everyone! I've got a Disco 2 (year 2000) V8 Petrol, automatic with following issues: - It runs very rich (23L/100km compared to around 15L/100km before) - When putting the pedal to the floor black smoke and black water/fuel comes out the back - The car idles between 250 and 300ish when warm...
  18. InDIGnation

    Traction Control fault - activating during normal driving

    Hi all First off, I'm a bit of a newbie to the Landie circle; I bought my first '99 Discovery 2 TD5 just three days ago. Naturally, I'm still learning new things, so forgive me for my inevitable ineptitude. :o So this particular Disco came with a fair few niggles, most of which are quite minor...
  19. S

    Discovery rear door locked

    Rear door on my Disco 2 (2002) is locked and cannot be unlocked by the automatic locking device on the ignition key. The key will automatically lock / unlock all of the other doors. Anyone with a similar problem or an answer? Steve
  20. D

    Relay switch for Headlights on a Discovery 2 (1993)

    Hi, I need to find the Relay Switch for the headlights on my Discovery 2 (1993) TDI before Wednesday if possible as it has to have it's French MOT which is very tough. I have spent a packet importing my Discovery and getting everything fixed to meet French regulations but my French mechanic says...
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