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  1. MattHunt

    Building a Defender door from scratch.

    Hello, When Mildred reappears, unless the MOT highlights anything more important, my next task is replacing the NSF door. So far I have a Bearmach door primed, sealed, and with 3 coats of paint on it. I intend to use the exisiting: door card, window and associated mechanism bits handles...
  2. smyth1492

    Anyone tried Galvanised door bottoms and tops?

    I'm approaching that point in my rebuild where I need to find a solution for the doors. I have two door bottoms, both quite rusty, one of which still has part of a door top attached. Has anyone tried the galavanised door tops and bottoms from SP4x4? If so - what are your thoughts about the quality?
  3. wuas680

    Rear Door Padlock Photos Please

    Bit of a random one but if you happen to have any photos of any method employed to better secure the rear door of your trucks it would be very useful for me to aid my decision. I already have a standard padlock hasp installed which is now looking a little rough and whilst I do like the...
  4. R

    Expired Front Doors for Series 3 Defender

    Hi there. I am looking for a replacement pair of series 3 doors. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. L

    How Do I? Defender Door Lock/Latch

    I have just found that the passenger door on my Defender is stuck in the closed position. The push button will not come fully up so I cannot open the door. I have partly removed the internal door card through the open window and tested all the linkages. I have now managed to get the push button...
  6. V

    Expired Wanted defender push button type drivers door.

    I'm after a drivers door mine is prob repairable but has no internals as close to Northwales/Chester as poss please.
  7. M

    L322 Door Lock Mechanism Stiff

    Hi All Ive just replaced my outer door handle cable as the end snapped off which seems quite common. With the the new cable fitted, it needs a really strong pull to open the door. There are no bends or obstructions on the new cable. I'm thinking the lock might be a bit stiff which might of...
  8. G

    how ca I treat my aluminium corroded panels and doors?

    I have TD5 Disco 1 (engine swap). I need to repair my aluminium correded panels and doors. What shoul I do? I live in Cyprus and it's hard to find a complete body to swap it. Any ideas for bodywork?
  9. D

    How Do I? wobbly door

    my 110 drivers door moves quite freely on the bottom hinge,any one know about replacement pins or not worth it.its also a trial of patience to close:(:yikes::fire_engine:
  10. T

    Door Catches and latches?

    Hi I had some Very early Defender door locks and would like to change them to the Series 3 style ones now, just i am unsure which ones will latch onto the catch i have? Que photo of Catch I have Series 3 door bottoms. if anyone could direct me which part number to look for that would be...
  11. M

    How Do I? Defender 90 Door not holding open

    Hello experts, we just bought a used Defender 90 with engine code 5 (BMW I guess) for my father and one problem is that the driver door and the rear door don't hold open when fully opened but fall back (the passenger door holds) I know that the hinges were replaced for expedition strength ones...
  12. L

    Rear Door Wheel Mounting

    I've seen from a previous thread that I need the following parts to strengthen the door and pillar so I can mount the spare on the rear door of my S3: 305232 Plate - door striker (two) 332147 Dovetail for door pillar 332942 Male dovetail - door pillar 332943 Spacer 333140 Striker plate Has...
  13. D

    110 3 to 5 door conversion?

    Hi, I'm completely new to the world of Land Rovers and I'm going to test drive my first '03 Defender 2.5tdi 110 on Saturday. I'm just wondering is it possible to turn a 110 3 door into a 110 5 door? I believe they're also known as a CSW? Thanks, doc75
  14. lvdxd00

    replace door tops

    I bought some series split doors a while ago and put them in the garage. I now need to replace the current door tops. one problem. The rods that pass through the top of the door bottom are of a different diameter to the current ones. Also the new ones unscrew from the door tops. Any idea where I...
  15. M

    Disco 1 rear door stuck - not the usual issues

    Hi, The rear door on my discovery 1 is stuck. It won't open and it won't close. I have been through the threads here, sprayed wd40 under the handle, cleaned it out, checked child locks, taken inside cover off, tried every combination of pulling, pushing, turning keys and pulling handles etc...so...
  16. uncle_sam

    Changing Rear Offside Door Lock Mechanism

    For no reason, the lock wouldn't unlock with the central lock switch and remote key fob. Other functions still work, i.e.. still can unlock from handle inside and then door opens with handles inside and outside. Door lock mechanism is non-serviceable and is bloody expensive. Here's how to change...
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