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drive shaft

  1. C

    Front Drive vibration L series 2.0

    Hi everyone Any advice pointing me in right direction, read somewhere on forums but cannot find now. My L series 2000 plate has front vibration .it doesn't feel it through steering but actual in the drive. I have removed prop shaft to eliminate interference. When in gear I feel some...
  2. D

    2" Lift and now clunking

    This is weirding me out a bit... Gave the old girl a 2" Terrafirma lift kit for Christmas (close enough) and now she clunks- a really deep and pronounced clunk... Clunking speeds up and slows down with road speed. Rear wheels jacked up and each wheel turns by hand easily and the prop turns...
  3. H

    Drive Shaft Grommet?

    The rubber grommet on the Drive Shaft of my series 2a has worn away and rotted:o. Is this a big problem? Where can I find a new one?
  4. M

    Drive shaft Oil Leak

    Hi I own a 2000 2.0 Diesel Freelander Since last Friday I'm noticing oil drops under the engine. After inspection I think they're coming from the RH Drive Shaft. I guess the oil seal has worn off. What oil is that? IRD or Gearbox Oil? It's yellow in colour, and i find a drop of 5cm in diameter...
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