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  1. R

    Td5 to not switching off - ECU problem?

    Hi all, I think I have an issue with my ECU, but would love second and third opinions from brains much more experienced than mine. Today the old girl had a nearly flat battery and a live ignition, even with no key in the ignition. She started fine when jumped and ran fine as well. When looking...
  2. R

    General 14CUX injector banks

    Hello again. I cannot get my head around the ECU firing 4 injectors at once as a bank. Is this correct? So 3 lots of fuel gets wasted and 1 used. Surely not. I can understand wasted spark but I am missing something here. Thank you in advance.
  3. A

    Reset immobiliser for new engine ECU

    Hi everyone, I have a 54-plate petrol Disco 3. I had a problem where all the cluster lamps lit up and the engine wouldn't crank, which I eventually tracked down to the engine ecu being dead. In the Disco 3, it sits in a box (together with the transfer case ecu) behind the battery tray, at the...
  4. C

    Discovery 2 td5 won't start

    Hi I have recently recived a non running discovery 2 td5 year 2000. I can hear the fuel pump running. But found no voltage at any of the injectors. It will fire up for a few seconds on easy start. I have removed the injector loom and cleaned the oil out of the plugs. Also found oil at red...
  5. A

    Ecu and automatic transmission compatibility?

    Hi, can anyone advise me if an auto transmission from an 03 D2 TD5 will talk to the EAT ECU on my 01 TD5. Also if there would be any compatibility issues with the main EcU? Looking at the parts catalogue The EAT ECUs are different for the different years, as is the valve block ( though the...
  6. J

    Will turnover but start

    A bit of back round to what I have done. I have taken my 2003 1.8 petrol freelander and a got a donor TD4 freelander (which was running) and swapped every over (wiring loom, ecu, ews, body control module, dash, ect ect) First problem I had was temp gauge was on full...
  7. L

    SRS Light - Airbag ECU - Crash Locked

    Hi all, Just purchased myself a 2004 Freelander Sport TD4. The SRS light came on, on the way back home. I took it to my local Landrover Specialist who said it needed a new Airbag ECU, I ordered 1 from 1stchoicespares and he fit it and when coding it in it came back with 'Crash Locked'. I...
  8. C

    Another Freelander TD4 for the pyre!

    Any help please would be greatly appreciated!!! I run a small MOT station near Croydon in Surrey & took on a Freelander to mend with a problem. I have now got out of my depth with it & would welcome either some advice/comfort & consolation/matches, or all three. The reported fault was...
  9. T

    Freelander 1 Parking Aid PDC not working

    Hello I have just purchased a 2005 Freelander 1 and the parking sensors at the back do not work. I have researched through the forum and one of the suggestions was that put in reverse and listen for clicking of the sensors. This does not happen. I have removed the side panel at the back and have...
  10. C

    ECU 2001 Disco 2 climate control head

    i have a 2001 land rover discovery that the Climate Control Head will not turn on when you press the power button. i have checked all the fuses under the bonnet and in the drivers side box and they all are good. Is there a fuse on the head itself or do i need to get a new one. Is there something...
  11. B

    Td5 throttle

    hi everyone i have a 53 plate td5 defender. in the last year due to water im gessing the defender puts the ecu light on and cuts out the throttle last two times iv left it 24hours and its fine agen this time its doing it over and over agen iv cleam the plug to the throttle pedal and blowen all...
  12. T

    Freelander TD4 mk1 - window lift ecu module YWB10012 - possible problem?

    Can anyone shed any light on the operation of the "Window Lift ECU module - part number YWB10012" ?My question is does this part / window lift module (I presume sits under the bonnet and is part of the main ECU control unit) control 'ALL' the window operations in the vehicle?Reason I ask is, my...
  13. L

    L322 intermitant hunting when starting warm engine

    Hi i have a 2003 L322 4.4V8. Lovely car but ive been chasing a fault for about a year and still cant sort it. Ive given up on main dealers and my local indy is struggling. It started with the common HDC, Air Suspension etc and the dealer has changed a wheel speed sensor, steering angle sensor...
  14. W

    1.8 K Series ECU faults

    My 2003 Serengeti 1.8 K series engine, has developed a problem, which we think is with the ECU, where the first manifestation was the ECU lost the ability to allow fuel pump negative to be grounded, so not allowing fuel pump to run. Fix.. new ECU fitted ... lasted 4 days before ocurred again...
  15. S

    OptiMate 4 automatic battery optimisation & L322 2003 Range Rover Vogue TD6

    Good Evening, You advice please: For the past few weeks we have had a "HDC Inactive" message apper on the dash first thing in the morning when you start up. I think that I have traced this to a flat/low battery. I removed the battery and the little window that showed a green glow was black...
  16. Adrian4130

    V8 Fuel Injection ECU issues

    I think the ECU for V8 has packed up, how can I be sure its nothing else before I try and source a replacement? There is no power to the fuel pump or the injectors, I've checked all the relays and fuses and they all seem to be fine. It gave up on the way home last night( 5minutes from my...
  17. J

    Range Rover P38 ECU Reset

    Hello Have just aquired P38 Range Rover 1995 v8 4.6 Fitted new o2 Sensor - which has been at fault for a long time - I need to reset the ECU fuel maps - it has a prins Multipoint LPG - runs badly and backfires on both fuel types. Tried new coils/leads/cats/MAF seems ok -so ECU reset is next...
  18. G

    Differences in FOBs Australia/UK?

    Hi, Enthusiastic Mud-Slingers! I wanted to set up my cheery FL 1 2.0DI with a couple of new FOBs. I bought the FOBs of the internet and had a mechanic try to link them to the ECU via autologic learn. Theory: Hold a FOB up to the antenna on top of the dash while the beast is in 'learn' mode...
  19. R

    1.8 K Series Diagnostics required

    Freelander 1.8 K Series Petrol (MEMS 1.9) Ran fine untill the weekend, now seems to be over fueling (flooding). I tried to restart many times but nothing, sparks OK, removed & cleaned dizzy cap & rotor arm. Plugs always wet when removed So tried removing electrical plug to injectors. when...
  20. Poulton

    300 Tdi into 2.5 TD 90, ECU??

    Hi, planing on fitting a 300 Tdi engine, looked at a few online guides and how to's and im pretty confident I can do it, however got a question about wiring and ECU.. As I understand the 300tdi engined vehicles have an ECU do I need one if i fit the 300? couple of guides mention using original...
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