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  1. L

    EGR removal or blanking on TD5 facelift disco

    Hi All, Experiencing law of power and lumpy 1st thing in the morning. Checked the injector loom and this needs replacing but others are saying that the EGR can do this and it should be removed or blanked. I will be doing the loom as oil is in the ECU already but my question is: Does it make a...
  2. narune

    300tdi Defender 90 Performance Guidance

    I have 1995 300tdi D90 with 100K on the clock. With a view to keeping the truck for another 15 years and getting a little more performance out of her, I have spent a lot of time an money this year and have rebuilt the engine (replacing all worn parts along the way), replaced the turbo, added an...
  3. B

    Warning Chimes on starting

    Hi, I'm a new Disco 2 owner with a 2003 XS edition. Problem is on starting the engine the dash chimes 3 times. There are no warning lights visible so nothing to help me diagnose this, looking through the owners manual has so far drawn a blank. Also the heated screens turn themselves on when the...
  4. Poulton

    How Do I? Cleaning Tdi Inlet

    Hi, been cleaning all the crap & soot out of my engines air system and have got the intercooler, pipes and inlet manifold all nice and clean.. But how do I go about cleaning the inlet holes in the cylinder head? (see photo). Obviously I dont want the crap to fall down into the valves when im...
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