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  1. Pedro Fidalgo

    problem in cooling electric circuit / presentation

    Hello my name is Pedro and Im Portuguese ( sorry by my english). hi have a series 3 2.25 diesel 88. The problem is that even with the car turned off and the cold engine the temperature gauge goes to red (hot). I've changed the voltage regulator and all the cables and I've put 3 different...
  2. TomVelar94

    My Friend bought an Audi E-tron

    Hey Guys, So my friend recently bought the Audi E-tron (all electric SUV) and I was amazed at how quite and quick the car is!! I especially love the fact it doesn't have wing mirrors, but has cameras on the side of the doors instead. I made a wee video of his car if anyone is curious and wants...
  3. G

    Plastic Plug from 300Tdi

    Hi, I'm new to the forums so apologies if this is the wrong place... I'm after a bit of Land Rover knowledge and this seemed like the ideal place! I'm trying to find out any information on this plastic plug that we took from a 300Tdi, any info on where it fits, where I can source one etc...
  4. B

    Disco Front Window problems

    Ok Guys I am a landrover novice so (3.9 V8 M reg beast) I have read the threads about the windows, I even tried the fix where you solder the ECU. This worked great, however only fixed the back windows (Back never worked since i got it, the front ones did to start with) , the front windows do not...
  5. ER1C

    Electric Defender

    Saw this on YOUTUBE> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYbVQSYEHqg Its not in production but the comments read.. Published on 28 Feb 2013 The standard diesel engine and gearbox have been replaced by a 70kW (94bhp), 330Nm electric motor twinned...
  6. W

    How Do I? something keeping the charging system down

    I have been working on my 99 disco 1 for about a month and cant find the problem - it acts like a bad alternator - but I have been thru 4 alternators - and the system doesnt pop up to 14 V - ever. it will charge very slowly at idle with no accessories on, but as soon as I turn on anything ( like...
  7. F

    dipped headlights problem

    Hi there ladies and gents. I hope you guys can give me some pointers. My 98 defender 110 has developed a fault with the dipped head lights. The dim dipped lights work, however when i flick the switch to headlights (dipped) the headlights go out completely. The main beam works however...
  8. J

    Hiding electrical gremlins

    Well ive had my first landy two weeks and sorted most of the mechanical issues, but I have to admit that I am awful with electrics. Firstly, when I bought the car the fuel and water temp gauges did not work, but the alternator charge light did. Then about a week ago they worked and two days...
  9. D

    radiator conversion

    hi all i have another question for you all. i have a 300tdi es auto. im looking at removeing my viscous fan and fitting an electric one as a belt and braces set up. i want to fit a thermastatic swith to it, any ideas what car i can get one from as i dont want the old girl wont boil up on...
  10. D

    mirror mirrror on me truck

    hi all i have a disco 1 1996 300tdi and someone has damaged the electric mirror function on the n/s wing mirror. the in and out movement dont work but i can get up and down, on inspection you can push the mirror in or out but is very loose, is it repairable or will i need to get another one...
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